Garden Decoration

Gardening is a very creative and interesting job to perform in leisure hours. The colorful flowers and lush green grass give us a fresh and satisfying feeling while sitting in the garden. A large number of people love to spend their time in garden; therefore it should be decorated well. Especially children like to play in the garden. But their playing sometime proves fatal for the plants as they start tearing up the flowers. For the decoration of garden we should be well aware of plants categories. As most of the beautiful looking plants is the poisonous one. We should grow such plants in our garden which are not only beautiful but also smells good.

As lily is a very useful flower, it contains glycosides in it which is used by the doctors to regulate the heart beat. Garden is an integral part of our houses. They should be decorated well. The selection of plants and flowers should be very exclusive. Except this we should also pay notice upon the sitting area in the garden. It should be central from where the view of the entire garden can be seen. For this we can place several kinds of benches in the garden. We can also make a fountain in the center or at each corner of the garden. It will further increase the beauty of garden tremendously. So while decorating a garden we should keep in minds all these aspects. A garden is the place where we spent most of our spare time so a decorated garden may become a source of aesthetic beauty symbol.


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