Getting out of stress and pressure

We are living in stressful times at present. According to doctors stress affects almost one in five of the working people in this world. Not only the working population still stays at home mothers, fathers, students, retired people and even growing children are feeling the affects of stress all the way in modern society.

Never allow stress to take over your life rather you can decide to do something to avoid it to control or overwhelm you in any situation. Some steps can be suggested to de-stress yourself and feel free of it, such as;

  1. Always try to be active against stress rather it would not go to help you just talking about stress and doing nothing. You need to take a stand against it and move towards healthier responses and better adjustments. Always try to learn about your triggers and try to avoid or reduce them as much as you can.
  2. Try to eat a stress free diet because diet has a huge impact on the body. By eating a healthy and balanced diet you can de stress yourself and move towards calming attitude.
  3. Regular exercise can bring better results but never overdo it because it will create more stress for you. Your body needs exercise regularly but when you push too hard it will make you uneasy. Taking exercise too close to bed time will not be good choice always go out in morning and evenings.
  4. Family will always be a source to comfort you if you have full co ordination with your family members. Try to create maximum co ordination with your wife and children. If you can enjoy quality and good time it would be a blessing in disguise.
  5. Spending quality time with friends which can make you laugh and smile will help in minimizing stress, this is especially true when one finds his or her loved ones around the intensity of stress becomes lower and lower.
  6. Laugh and laugh because nothing beats a good and old fashioned laugh to de stress you anyway. It’s free and easy to get. Have you laughed today or at present?  Put this question to yourself and get yourself relaxed and free.
  7. Never take alcohol or medication to avoid stress always controls it naturally. Say no to stress and yes to control it anyway.

By Umar Saleh


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