Golden hamsters

There are four species of dwarf hamsters kept as pets. These animals are in different strains of golden hamsters kept as pets.

Animals that the name Black Bear hamster, teddy bear hamsters, long haired hamsters are as hairless panda hamster or hamsters are all Syrian hamsters. The scientific name for these animals is Mesocricetus auratus.

Dwarf hamsters are from the various genres. The first is the genus Cricetulus and Phodopus genus is second.

The genus Cricetulus, we find this kind Cricetulus griseus Barabensis often as Chinese hamster or dwarf hamster Chinese. Natural color of these hamsters is Agouti. Near the skin, hair is slate gray. Animal belly, tip-off, white hair. On the back hair fade slate gray to brown with a tint of chestnut.

In the second type, Phodopus, there are three types of dwarf hamsters kept as pets: Phodopus Campbell, Phodopus sungorus, andPhodopus Roborovskii. Each of these species is different, although Campbell Phodopus sungorus and Phodopus often confused.

Phodopus Roborovskii is the smallest of all hamsters of only about 6 cm in length. These animals were nicknamed robot, Robby, Robbie and Rovsky’s given. One thing is certain: These creatures are the speed demons of the hamster world. Sometimes they are moving fast-moving, jerky, and sometimes they just seem to fly.

Phodopus sungorus can properly be called winter white hamster. This is because when the light cycle is short enough, it will change his hair white with snow mixture. In captivity, however, when artificial light are suitable to a constant year-round cycle, this change pelagic think unlikely.

Because of their small size, you can definitely exclude them in cage housing. You could probably fit through the bars of any number of ways; here too, an aquarium would be the best house you can buy for them. And for this, the statement that “there is no such thing as too big a house is more than ever. They need lots of space?

Although Campbell Phodopus sungorus Phodopus and are often mistake for each other in nature, not fulfill these two species. Their natural habitat, do not overlap.

The males of this species are larger than females. And when viewed from above, the female rump is rounder than the males. The dwarf hamster fur is dense and woolly.

Phodopus Campbell, on the other hand, will not change color in winter. It is better to keep more women than men, because men can perform three times faster than in women. If you want to keep more than one, you must cooperate, while they are young.

Unfortunately, these two animals alternative Russian dwarf hamsters and Djungarian dwarf hamster called, makes it impossible to distinguish between the two species. Therefore, you should use scientific names to refer to them

By Taha Mateen


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