Green House Effect

Yes as obvious from the name; the term is planetary and belongs to earth. The term is simple yet it involves a complete phenomena. The earth is protected by a natural shield called ozone which covers our planet like a blanket. This shield allows components to pass and enter in earth from outer space.  When sunrays of long wavelength are allowed to go through and provide energy to the earthly souls; they enter in our atmosphere, are used up by the living souls and are radiated back. When they are radiated back; a part of them is absorbed by the carbon dioxide, water vapors and other gases present in the air. This absorption is known as Green House.

The phenomenon is natural in its occurrence, yet human beings get its benefit by creating an artificial green house. Parts of our planet where temperature is low and conditions are not reasonable for the growth of our green companions; green house effect is created by artificial means. For this purpose a glass house is built in which plants are kept with the artificial sheets around them. The glass house serves for the purpose of the ozone and the sheets around the plants work for the absorption of energy entering through glass; the same purpose which is served by the air in natural green house effect.

The sunrays enter in the glass and are used by the plants, instead of radiating it back, the plant sheets absorb them and keep the temperature warm inside the glass. In this way energy is kept reserved and is used by the plants for their growth and germination of new seeds.

Yes, a question arises here; i.e. do these rays not harm the living souls? Here is the role of ozone that reckons the nature of the rays. It selects only those which are less harmful and are not much dangerous for the living beings present on earth. So, from here it can be estimated how much the safety of ozone is important. Because if ozone is torn or is having gaps in it, it will surely not be able to perform its function. And all types of gases will stealthily enter in our home planet.

In the last decade world Environment Research revealed that ozone had many gaps in its covering. The chemicals used in air conditions and refrigerator gases ruin the layer. Important of which is Chloro Floro Carbon; the compound has broken the protective shield. As a result number of diseases caused by these rays increased a lot.

The rays staying on earth become a source of many diseases like Cancer, Skin diseases and inborn fetal diseases. Human activities contributed a lot in the net warming. Carbon dioxide plays an important role in the absorption of the sun rays. Human activities which become the reason of the elevated level of the gas include fuel combustion, cement production and engine mechanism. The result is that the level of carbon dioxide elevates which in turn is resulted in the increased absorption of thermal rays. The increased absorption is the way to increased thermal emission of infrared in the atmosphere. This is an alarming situation and the environment securing organizations announced a severe threat of net warming which will cause the melting of glaciers on the poles.

This increased melting will definitely bring unlimited water in the seas which will cause cyclones, whirls and storms. And when the sea is panic to come out of its measures, it means floods and the sweeping of normal human life i.e. an unimagined destruction of sea and earth life.

Green House Effect and Real Green House; both work on the same mechanism when it comes absorption but the way by which it keeps the environment warm is different. Green House Effect keeps the house warm by convection where as in real green house the heat is absorbed and a part of it is re-emitted when it is about to leave the planet.

A second difference is that the air inside the artificial green house remains warm because heat is only allowed to enter through the glass. So, the air keeps circulating inside the house and the energy is reserved inside. While in the real green house, the hot air mixes with the cool air that loafs around.

Other than earth, there are other planets which exhibit green house. Mars, Venus, Moon and Titan are thought to have the exhibition of anti green house effect. Titan absorbs heat but is transparent to infrared emission. This is anti green house.

Venus exhibits a runway green house. Runway green house is the type where positive feedback leads to evaporation of all the vapors and carbon dioxide. The universe does possess the green house in the solar system partially or fully.

The nature keeps a balance in the system with the continuity and recycling of the energy in the universe. The problem starts when this balance is disturbed by human activity. The survival of safe human and other earthly life is dependent on green house. Has ozone not been there, the loss of life on earth must be immeasurable. The need is of the fact that human activities must be restricted and controlled to a level where it may not be a disturbing factor for the natural and universal cycles which nature has blessed us with. This is the only way of being our own friends.

Ammarah Khan


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