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Health issues have been increasing since last century. The reasons are multiple but the solutions are vain. If you will have a survey today about the greatest problems faced by the people of the world, you will find health at the top. You will also notice that the most among the health issues are associated with fitness and a great part of the planet is badly entrapped in the fitness problem; the solution of which is very simple yet demands some time and regular practice. The application of the solution requires the personal effort.

The dilemma of the present man is the lack of the natural environment exposure and the excess of the time spending on machines like computers, faxes and the other business related instruments. The result is that a man is deprived of the benefits of a natural life. Here natural life does not mean that today’s man is living in unnatural style. No, certainly not, here I mean to state that a person must have some time to spend on the physical fitness which in turn keeps the mind fit and healthy. The absence of any manual labor, physical exercise and the activities of energy expenditure result in many health issues which include obesity, bulky bodies, laziness and the fatigued limbs.

Food has been playing a very vital role in the life of a healthy man. Today you will often find yourself wondering at your question “why did people of old age live long lives?” The answer is very simple and lies in the fact that they were more fit and were more close to the nature. They had to do physical work which needed more energy as compared to the tasks of the digital world. Secondly, they were having a blessing to have food free of the poison of the fertilizers and the other demons of the agriculture. They made the least use of junk which helped them to be quite fit and healthy and kept chronic diseases at arm’s length from them. You can compare the ratio of deaths occurring on account of the curses of the present world recently with the ones in the past. The result is very tremendously different.

One of the reasons of these health issues is the excess usage of the junk food by people of all ages. Opening of the fast food spots and the brands in the country has started a trend of eating junk as a fashion and status symbol. The usage of this junk cannot fulfill the constituents needed for the growth of the organs and often result in malnutrition. These foods provide extra calories which are surely dangerous for human body and can result in many diseases like heart attack, diabetes and cholesterol problems.

Health and fitness are two parallel strands which go side by side. Healthier you are, more fit you will be. The fitness excessively needs somebody exercises which can stop the body limbs from rusting and can ensure the steady flow of the blood to all parts of the body.

The best need for the fitness of our body takes us back to the previous days where we find a man having long walks on foot and even not getting fatigued or tired. Today you will rarely find any pedestrian who takes the path with his own will. These people will be walking on foot only by the compulsion. Research reveals that the walking for long distances keeps the body fit and avoids certain discomforts which result as the absence of any energy spending activity.

Usage of fresh food like milk, yogurt, fresh juices, vegetables and the salad increases general health conditions. The junk should be used as less as possible. Junk food is generally prohibited by the doctors and practitioners.

Drugs and smoking are the source of big disaster ad ruin human fitness. A chain smoker pants even after taking few steps. These people are more prone to the diseases such as cancer, heart attack and brain strokes. These are at high risk of being attacked by the paralysis and AIDS. Smoking is the biggest reason of the lung cancer and is randomly found in US population.  Drug takers lose their fitness and are slowly under the influence of the poison entering in their body and vessels. Sometimes excessive dosage can even cause sudden brain hemorrhage and frequent attacks of semi consciousness. These persons are slow in their movements and their brain becomes numb with the passage of the time.  It can even usurp their capacity of thinking, deciding and analyzing. They can take part in any normal activity in a normal way. The addiction grabs their healthy looks and makes them pale stricken. So, for a drug taker, it is impossible to be fit or healthier.

A person must include some sporty activity in his schedule for having and leading a healthy life. These can be some indoor games or some regular exercises in the gym. The better way is to take them on your own in the fresh air with the greenery all around. The green environment helps to have good blood conditions and does not leave you with the lack of oxygen. Even, if you are damn busy; you can have machines at home. Though they cannot replace the natural and the open ground exercises yet can help you to lose weight.

To be healthy is a great blessing and keeps the life colorful. Sickness or illness makes the life a trouble. Living a longer life cannot be a surety but living a healthier life can be made possible through some simple steps and tips. Fitness keeps you active even in the late life and old age. This fitness is the key of a happy and successful professional life. Fit and healthy people are preferred to those who are lean, week or ill. Although it is difficult to live a healthy life in this mechanic age but efforts do bring fruit.

By: Ammarah Khan


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