Health risks by smoking

In your daily routine when you eat five portions of fruits and vegetables, eat healthy & nutrition diet and exercise daily but with all these healthy habits if you continuously smoking then I must say that you have destroyed all your efforts. If we think that with healthy lifestyle the smoking isn’t very hazardous then we are absolutely wrong because in new scientific research this is proved that a single cigarette shortens the smoker life around 11 minutes.

It becomes an old advice that please leaves the smoking but if we tell the smoker the real hazards of smoking them I am sure they will quit smoking. As many people know that smoking can cause lung cancer but it can cause some other cancers and serious illness. Smoking kills around millions of people each year in the world, and these deaths caused by lungs cancer, smoking related cancers, cardiovascular disease, die slowly from emphysema and other dangerous chronic disease.

Cigarettes have more then 4000 chemical compounds and as a minimum toxic substances. When the smoker breathes in, a cigarette burns at 700c at the tilt and approximately 60 c at the center. When the cigarette burns from the heat, tobacco produces a variety of toxins. As we know that a cigarette contains different chemical compounds and toxins but the most dangerous elements which can cause serious illness are these. Tar- a carcinogen (a material can cause cancer), nicotine is addictive and boost cholesterol level in your body, carbon monoxide decrease the oxygen in our body, components of the gas and particulate stages cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder COPD.

These damages of health occurs when a smoker smoked a number of cigarettes, whether the cigarette has a filter, and how the tobacco has prepared etc. the research has shown that cigarette has reduced the life of smoker 7 to 8 years. The various surveys show that the death ratio of smokers is 500 to 600 daily and the majority of these smokers are mostly young. Now we have read enough about smoking hazards so these dangerous symptoms we can tell to others and as well as follow by own self to save ourselves from these dangerous illness which can cause death.

By Rehana khan(111/10)


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