Health is a precious blessing of God. We all often quote a well known proverb that “health is wealth.” It means that a person without health but have a lot of wealth is still poor but a person who have a good health have all the wealth of this world. No one can buy health with money. It is great sanction of God. Cleanliness, exercise, and proper food are the main components to develop a good health. As we all know that cleanliness is half of faith and it is also good for ourselves to be neat and clean because it prevents us from several kinds of diseases. Hygienic environment, personal cleanliness and simple food are vital to be healthy. By doing a little exercise and games, our stamina enhances and we become able to fight against diseases. Early to bed and easily to rise, taking proper rest and meals at time also make a person healthy and wealthy.

 The second most important thing is proper intake of food. Try to eat as simple food as you can because it doesn’t alter our inner mechanism. We can maintain our health by taking exercise daily therefore, to have a good health every one should focus upon all these above points.

 Avoid over eating and try to eat home made things because they are hygienically cooked.

 It is also important that we use sufficient water in our daily life to stay healthy. The moderate eating is also important; the excessive use of rich foods and junk foods may bring disorder to stomach. Rest is also a basic factor which keeps us healthy, any type of unrest or depression may affect health. A good sleep of 6to 7 hours is necessary to keep us fit. Life is ours and it a gift bestowed from Almighty God, it is our prime duty to take proper care.


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