Hijama; a practiced remedy by the prophet for all ailments is also known as cupping. Hijama is a derived word from Arabic the literal meaning of which is sucking. The general and known name for hijama is cupping. This article will deal with the detailed and all types of the procedure. First, let’s talk about what is hijama?

Hijama is a process by which the extra and harmful blood of the body is evacuated. This evacuation prevents the human body from all types of pains and a great number of ailments and diseases. The great prophet Muhammad (SAW) had practiced it throughout his life and suggested it a remedy for all diseases.

As far as the word cupping is concerned; it is the insertion of cups on various points of body by removing hair from inside to create a vacuum. This cupping is used in performing the procedure of hijama. It is fact of biological research that human body suffers many pains on account of the reason that the blood does not reach to these certain parts. The process of cupping lets the blood to have an easy and smooth flow to all parts of the body. However; this is not the primary or recommended way of performing hijama.

Cupping has three types. The first type is known as dry cupping and it is performed by inserting cups on the various points on body. The hairs are removed and a vacuum is created. The purpose of this type of cupping is to gather the blood on that point. This method does not use any incisions like needles, blades or any other thing like that. This type is self administered and can be performed at any time. There is no specific day or time for performing this type.

Second type is called dry massage cupping. This is more or less is likely same as the above one yet the only difference is that here olive oil is used for massaging of the part where cupping is to be preformed. This method is also without any incisions and no external device is used. Like dry cupping; this method is also self supervised without any restriction and limitations of time.

However again this is to be mentioned that none of the above mentioned methods were used by the prophet hence; these do not fall under the category of Sunnah.

The third and the authentic way of cupping is wet cupping. In this method a surgical blade or any other incisions are used. This way is for the removal of unnecessary and unhealthy blood which cause and originates many pains and diseases. This is the way of hijama as performed by the prophet Muhammad (SAW). This is recommended to be done by a cupping specialist and is not easy to perform on one’s own. There is assigned time and days for performing this type. Unlike other types it cannot be performed at any time of any day.

As taken from hadith: “Whoever performs cupping (hijama) on the 17th, 19th or 21st day (of the Islamic, lunar month) then it is a cure for every disease.” [Saheeh Sunan abi Dawud (3861)]. 

The quoted hadith declares that performing hijama on 17, 19, or 21 of the lunar month are the exact and preferred days for having this to be done. The consistent performance of this activity by the prophet (PBUH) is the evidence of how important this is for a healthy life free of ailments caused by the presence of this blood. The importance and acceptance of hijama is alive and it is performed in many Arab countries.
human heart is a pumping organ which pumps the blood approximately 60,000 miles in the vessels. Hijama helps out to perform this activity in a better and healthy way. It has a magical effects on human body and does not let any dirty blood to stay in. this blood if sustained in the body can become the source of many heart diseases which in turn create stress in the whole mechanism of body.

This is a minor benefit of human body. Hijama acts more than that and reaches beyond the limits as mentioned above.

Though it does not have any direct sign of beneficial performance on body and keeps all the pains away by cleansing the body. It is like the same as you have a vehicle and run it on petrol. If you take care and keep on rinsing the gathered dirt and mess, it runs smoothly.

And if the vehicle is dragged without maintaining one day it stops and start making you panic. In the same way the hijama cleanses and rinses the deoxygenated blood and keeps your body running on the smooth way.

It cleans the dead blood cells from body as a radiator is flushed. If you wait for any disease to appear in your body for performing hijama, then keep in mind as it is necessary to keep the flushing of the radiator before your car is overheated.

So, you should not wait for getting your body in pain because once hijama is performed, human body maintains its system and functions for long time. So better not to wait for the time till any ailment appears. Cupping specialists claim it to be automatic cleaner which takes away the whole material before anything starts growing.

It is advised to take bath for spiritual purpose and perform wudu. Make your body sprayed with perfumes to attract angelic bodies. You can also use special oils available in the market.

Today again the science gives the verdict that relief and life lies in the ways as told and performed by the Holy Prophet (SAW). Today almost 3.1 million Americans suffer from the heart diseases and  the therapists suggest cupping as a remedy. Humanity should be thankful to the sunnah and must make efforts to revive them because the survival of mankind lies in the sacred ways laid by our prophet. This is not a myth yet a proved scientific fact.

By: Ammarah Khan


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