History of Pashtoon and Baloch Tribes of Quetta.

Quetta is a great city and a capital of Baluchistan; it has an enormous history and marvelous values of customs. From the past days it takes importance for the different tribes of pashtoon and balochs to stay here and groom here. Quetta, old name was Shalkot and a story which was famous for this was that the king of Afghanistan gave this area or city to his friends mother as a wrapper or called in a local language as a SHALL. Shall is a huge piece of a cloth which uses by the women for covering their selves. So since that time Shallkot became popular among these tribes.

 Before the independence of Pakistan there were 3 famous tribes of pashtoons in Quetta, and these three casts were kasi, khilji and bareches. But now after passing many years, they are still there and living happily. They have set-up their businesses and made properties there. After passing many years as we know that many peoples want to stay in a developed cities and want all facilities and luxuries same as the citizens of city. So, in this case many tribes of pashtoons leave their paternal places and areas and start living in Quetta city.

 So, in that case many tribes of pashtoons are living for decades and their children’s are also don’t want to go to their paternal places. Before 30 or 40 years ago the tareens tribe migrates from pashin district, the achikzai’s migrate from chaman; the kakars migrate from toba kakari, harnai, zhob and ziarat districts. And now after years all the businesses are in the hands of migrated casts of pashtoons. They have made the properties there, they are living there with their whole families and grooming day by day.

 As the pashtoons are the part of Quetta city, same as the Balochs are. The balochs tribe has their own values of customs and they also lead life in a same city. In ancient Quetta there was also different casts of balochs like shahwanis, mengals, and Kurds. But now a day too many casts of baloch tribes are there and they migrated from their paternal areas and places for Quetta. The murees and bhugties migrate from Dera bhugti and kohlo , rinds from sibi, jamalis and gichkis from dera-murad-jamali, raisanis from mastung and magsis migrated from jhal- magsi. They all migrated from their real places and now live with their families in this city.

 Accept these tribes there are many more tribes of pashtoon and balochs and they all live happily in the Quetta. There customs and values are also the same not much differences are there. They join each other in their joys and sorrows also. As their languages are different but their emotions are the same for each other. They respect each others and take a part in different events of each other. They live together like brothers in their loving city. 

  By Rehana khan(111/10)