How many stars, are there in the sky ?

No one knows how many stars there are in the whole sky. No one knows, either, how far the sky extends in all directions away from the earth. This is of course, the same thing as saying that no one knows how large the universe is. With each new telescope larger then the last, astronomers have continued to see to greater distance. As we penetrate farther into space, we more distance stars.

Some astronomers however believe that we may in time-through bigger and bigger telescopes-reach a region where there are no stars. Other astronomers see no reason why there may not be stars stretching endlessly in all directions. For most of us it is equally difficult to imagine an end to space or to imagine space, filled with stars which go, on endlessly and forever. There is even a theory that space may be curved.

In our own Milky Way galaxy-the system of stars to which our sun belongs-there are many billion of stars. With the 100 inch telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory, we have already observed about 500,000,000 galaxies which seem to be much like the Milky Way galaxy. It seems probable that most of these contain about the same number of stars as are found in the Milky Way system. Palomar Mountain penetrates more then twice as far as does the 100 inch telescope.

After further research with this great instrument, we may just possibly know better how to answer the question that how many stars are there in the sky? No one can count or dare to count the stars of the whole sky it’s impossible. Often in the nights there are billions of the stars are twinkling and inspiring the human beings to stare or gaze them and when we are looking to those stars we really feel amazing thoughts and we can imagine a different situations just by gazing them.   

 By Rehana khan(111/10)


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