How to increase production and lower prices

The greatest need of the people now is to have cheaper industrial and agricultural goods and their constant supply. The highest duty of the government is to have the goods produced cheaply on a mass scale and to have them sold at low prices. The private and public sectors both can help in it. Our various government did not educate and train the people for privately owned and government controlled systems of production and distribution. As a result neither nationalization nor private ownership of factories and production centers were successful. the continuing rise in the prices of goods of daily use produced and distributed by private organizations is a clear proof of their inefficiency and failure. Even with sugarcane fields in plenty we cannot run our sugar factories well because of defective private ownership and corruption. Successful public ownership of sugar factories would not have permitted the sugar prices to rise absurdly high.

In the construction sector too we have witnessed the ever rising high prices of cement and building materials. We should not have privatized the state owned cement factories when the common people did not have funds to build even ordinary houses. We should have established some publicly owned cycle, motorcycle and car manufacturing plants for the availability of cheaper vehicles to the public. We have to import food items because of the ugly economic situation in the country side and the urban areas. The imported commodities were often in short supply. The prices of vegetables like the onion and potato and pulses skyrocketed and the people suffered unnecessarily.

The worker and employees everywhere find it hard to live well within their means. They cannot be interested in any kind of government plans if their economic condition is not improved. Corruption cannot be checked unless we increase production lower prices and introduce schemes of public welfare. All the citizens should be satisfied with the availability of goods of daily use at reasonable prices. Infect the privatization of the existing public sector industries and commercial organizations are not so much needed as the education and training of their mangers and work force.

The publicly owned factories, farms and companies need improvements and not replacement by privately owned institutions .the basic fault of the nationalization scheme of popular government was its execution in a backward, uneducated and untrained society. the tragic failing of the later governments was to hand over public institutions to private hands without considering the results. The new private owners started raising the prices of their products making unreasonable profits. The common people suffered as a result .high prices and short supply of goods is the greatest enemies of the people and the government. They generate poverty, crime and dissatisfaction.

By iram shahzadi


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