Importance of education;

Education is the most indispensable part of life. It is as important as eating and drinking to survive. Man is a social animal, so he must acquire knowledge. It is the basic foundation for both men and women. It is like a gift or jewelry which cannot be stolen by anyone. It removes our darkness of illiteracy and changes views and perceptions/ about life.

There is a huge gap between an educated and illiterate person. It helps us in our character building and enhances our confidence level. Education is the foremost obligation of every human being, it is the phenomenon by which a nation can proceed to make progress in life.. Education is the only thing which always uplifts us and has no harms. Education is acquired at several levels like at school, college university and some people went abroad to get more knowledge. Pakistan is a middle income country with literary rate is 40% and it is placed in the rank of “low human development” nation. The main cause of poor standards of education are; lack of purpose, political will, limited scope of primary education, low standards of college education, lack of female education and population. Education is the investment in a country’s future. It plays a vital role in the development of countries. So, we can consider education a blessing which has no disadvantages and it can be considered as tool of development.

The nations which have progressed in this world are the most education oriented nations, by acquiring different skills and professional ideology they have elevated their status up to a level to where they can stand as a developed nation. No doubt, the knowledge based society has the capacity to flourish by excelling in educational prospects. There is no compromise in this deal.


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  1. What a great and deep analysis of education and education standards you gave Mr.Umar. Lovely man.

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    Ultimately I subscribed (from a reccomendation) to tsohost.

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