Impotance Of History

The study of history informative as well as instructive. it is mirror in which passing cultures and civilizations are reflected of  historians. Culture means the customs ,beliefs, art and other product of human thought. it indicates attitudes to life. Civilization means an advanced stage of human development marked by high level of art and political organization. it indicates the developed political organization like government, communications, commerce, etc.there are two periods of history first the prehistoric time when writing was not possible to record events and the historic time during which recorded events available. The prehistoric or unrecorded time recreated through the stone tools, weapons, cave paintings and bones of men and animals. In fact the history of the world is but the biography of great man. The history of the world for that matter of different countries is also the history of ideas. According to h.g.wells the history of the world in actual reality a history of ideas. If we look at religious history at the progress of religions through the ages. It is ideas of prophets that have determined the courses of events and social movements.

All the historical development of capitalism and communism or any other social system is based on the growth of certain ideas. History makes us abler, wiser through lessons in big and small permanent and temporary new and old ideas coming out from holy books or extraordinary minds. History in fact gives us to understand the growth in consciousness of man in society through the ages. Our forefathers conscious of scientific ,philosophical, social and other truths relevant to their age just as we are conscious of these in ours. History is a very important area of study for people of all ages. It has various advantages including citizenship, learning from our past mistakes, understanding other kinds of cultures and religions and testing the future. Whether you see it or not, history will definitely help you and will help in your future in all areas of life.


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