Information Technology

Information Technology; abbreviated as IT is the acquisition of processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, numeric and pictorial information through microelectronic computing system. This term was first introduced by an American Technician and author in 1958 who thought that our technology needs a name, thus he called it information technology. The function of the term is not as short as its name is. Its functions are not limited. Anything that comes in the range of pictorial, textual, database and program is dealt under information technology.

Gone are the days when IT was just limited to text books and was taught mere as a subject based on the cramming of theory. Today’s fast going world demands more than that. The tired and pathetic use of technology is now out dated. Instead a more established, defined, organized and designed way is opted to use information technology in various ways for many purposes.

IT professionals are highly demand in market and make money more than any professional. This is all because of the growing demand of technology. Interestingly, IT is used to earn money in both ways; positive and negative. Computer hackers, password seekers, card stealers and web breakers all use IT for earning their black money.

People owing this profession can perform many functions ranging from installation of a program to the complex web designing or compilation of different modules at single place.

As far as the use of IT for a common man is concerned, it performs wonders. Communication, social media, online conversation, buying and selling, advertisement and entertainment are few of them. The most widely used purpose for businesses is the advertisement which promotes the business faster than any other source present on the planet. Business makers find it easy for them to seek orders on their web and find customers writing their reviews which are saved in the specified space of the web.

Though today we assume the IT as one of the miracles, yet it takes long history at its back. This long period is divided in four phases starting from B.C. it gradually evolved from simple communication when man only understood drawings and pictures with symbols. In the same period later on Greeks added Vowels and alphabets which made a simple language.  

Abacus was the first simplest device used for calculation and is thought to be the primary form of today’s computer. It continued from slide rules to data explosion machines and led finally to the invention of electromechanical devices.

And today there is boom with the latest and the fastest devices including mobiles, iphones, ipads, fax machine and semantic webs. People carry their business in their pockets. They own the devices which work for them in multiple ways. Even a single mobile with wifi function helps you to connect to communities.

This is not a simple evolution through which today’s version of IT evolved and is working for us. With the coming decades more inventions and more programming is accepted which might turn impossible into possible.

BY Ammarah Iqbal


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