Insight into the Society

It is said that actual learning does not only means the cortical grip on a certain subject. It includes close observation, practical experience and insight as well. And when the subject is Sociology, it becomes even more important not to rely on assumptions only. This is the reason that Department of Sociology, FCC arranged a trip to Chak Bodla: a small village near Deepal Pur, distt. Okara.

That was a cloudy Sunday morning when we left for our destination. Reaching there we were warm welcomed by our hosts, the Bodla family. The arrangements were made in a spacious lawn. We were given sugarcanes and oranges to relish with. Then we went to the High School of the village to have a sitting with the eager young minds of tomorrow.

What we came to know was that average family size there was from 7-9 members. Agriculture is the main source of income, followed by Army and Shop keeping. There were very less scope of college or higher education, and in case of females the scope of education is even lesser. The boys I met with were eyeing Army after their Matriculation. And when I told them about my villager background and endless opportunities, they were amazed.

Overall condition of the village was quite good. It was clean, green and easily accessible. The main problem in the way of their progress was the lack of awareness. Students didn’t know what they could do in their life with higher education or even how they could get free education. And this is the problem with our most of the village population.

On the whole, it was an interesting and interactive trip. I made a couple of new friends, exchanged numbers to remain in contact, learned from their experiences and told them how they could do well in a city like Lahore.

By Atique(183/10)


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