Installation of a mirror and benefits explained in detail Monitor

Units that come with the backup / Reversing camera accessories are a favorite among people who are aware of the security or just do not feel that their driving skills sufficient enough to park their car properly without encountering something behind them. They are very useful to prevent injury or damage to your vehicle as you to see clearly what makes behind you when reversing.
In addition to security features on a mirror camera well behind you to see when reversing or backing, vehicle owners are demanding more functionality. As a result, making unique designs, such as Bluetooth and rear view mirror rear view mirror GPS was available.


 With many new laws to ban cell phone use while driving, Bluetooth has to be not only more popular, but a necessity. These new units are capable of, drivers of an incoming call on her cell phone alarm and display the caller’s number and the name itself the real mirror. Ascending units even offer an audible voice the name and number are read, and then you should not your eyes off the road.


GPS enabled rear-view mirrors are popular with families and entrepreneurs, because they are perfect for road trips or business people. In short, people who vacation or for business needs as much value this feature as there are cards and information necessary to reach their destination with ease offers. Upper models also turn-by-turn directions via voice sound so you do not have to connect your monitor while driving leads to less distraction to refer to. In addition, there is a small device to carry around with them, because they all-inclusive, is built right into the mirror itself.
Once you decide which unit is best for your needs, it is now time to install the device suitable for your car, van, truck or SUV. In essence, directly to your car video system and displays images are directly on the TFT-LCD. When not in use, the device and looks like a normal mirror.

To start with, you should disconnect the battery cables from the car battery before installing itself. Use a standard wrench or socket removes the battery cable. If in doubt, consult your vehicle manual for the appropriate key or socket size.

Depending on the model you choose, either the original mirror in your car or just remove the existing mount when a clip-on. For non-video models need to remove the bearing and mounted mirrors allow windshield to monitor the attachment of the mirror must. Make vary up to the mounting screw, which required size screwdriver.
Enter monitor existing bracket that attaches to the windshield. Use the screw with the monitor, to ensure mounting machine delivered. Then this is the route an A / V cable, A / V selector box directly to the monitor itself. Then connect the A / V A / V cable to monitor. To some wires and cables to ensure that they hang to prevent.
Now is the time to connect the battery power back to restore your vehicle. Turn on the vehicle rear view mirror monitor and select A / V selector box. When properly installed, should monitor the video set to come immediately with a request that the equipment and preferences.

Some things are to be aware of when the installation of a monitor mirror is that you need to remove panels to route A / V cable. Even in your car manual for instructions on removing the plate. The reason I suggested disconnecting the battery, because by violating this rule could lead to a dangerous electrical shock and damage to GPS rear view mirror. Do not look at the mirror space for things like a video while driving, because it is not only illegal but dangerous. Finally, as a final backup, if not quite sure how to install your Bluetooth rearview mirror, a professional do it.

By Taha Mateen


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