It seems, walnut parquet

While most native species such as oak and walnut with a bronze or reddish appearance, floors and walnut, which is distinguished by purple heartwood brownish black. A remarkable difference between heartwood and sapwood is white to brown. In their natural state, floors, walnut has a contrasting look, but consistency – or lack of – depending on the classes.

Higher degree of walnut floors usually has a dark aspect. Since no color of light is not just luck, however. In many cases wood is steamed to create unity. During this process, SAP bleeding the darker heartwood. If you are looking for walnut floors, you’ll probably find that the hard wood is dark with a “Select” or “clear” class in the rule everywhere.

A greater presence of sapwood is displayed in the lower classes. The classes are generally less like # 1 and # 2 seconds more than usual and produce display signs of character. These include knots, mineral stains, and some color variations. The last of these three is particularly walnut floors. Due to the increased presence of SAP, walnut floors begins in the lower classes, the natural wood color contrasts.

The unique look of wood flooring is walnut with a tie in any room. Soils, often full walnut finish remaining contrast space. This dark hardwood and as inlays is to create the contrast when used with light hardwood together.

If you are considering for your home walnut flooring, installation is easy and wood is not difficult. With a rating of 1010 Janka scale walnut is moderately dense and robust and provides better impact resistance. Wood is not too dense; it is functional and ideal for grinding and processing. Even with similar grain arrangement Hickory, floors, walnut is not hard to stop.

The appearance of the contrasting woods such as walnut, hickory, and Tiger Woods should get in the further processing and use a dark stain is not recommended because sapwood lighter color covers and offers hardwood unwanted appearance of uniformity. Several layers of clear polyurethane, sanding in between, are recommended instead.

By Taha Mateen


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