Joint problems

Bones and joints are the integral part of our body structure. They are the basic make up of the whole of our skeleton. Any problem concerning these joints and bones can prove fatal. Our body and muscles are supported by these bones and joints. A joint is a place or location where two bones meet. If this joint becomes weak due to some reasons then it will become unable to carry weight of the entire body and will start deforming.

All of the diseases concerning bones and joints are caused commonly due to the malnutrition or improper intake of good and healthy food. There are a large number of diseases regarding bones among which osteoporosis is one of the most terminal one. It is basically the weakening or thinning of a bone due to having no physical work and proper food. A number of people of Asia are affected by this disease. It causes the deformation due to which the bones and joints start bending. Various kinds of diseases related to joints are widespread these days among which the dislocation of shoulder and arm are usual one. The entire problem of shoulder arm and fore arm mainly caused due to having some load or having a fall on it.

 Winging of scapula is the most deformed kind of shoulder joint in which the scapula comes outward from the back wall and in this situation the shoulder joint become unable to move. In this disease some of the movements are lost like pushing and punching or carry any load on shoulder. The joint of shoulder start bending in severe conditions and become completely immobile. To avoid all of the kinds of bones and joints problem, one should take proper food which should be consisting of high amount of minerals, vitamins and calcium. Keep yourself always hydrated. Do a lot of workouts like jogging, walking and a little bit exercise? It will help us making our bones and joints healthy. Also avoid  much oily food as it increases our cholesterol level which results in uric acid dislocation.   

By Umar Saleh (315/10)


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