Kidney Stones

You say you are what you eat that sentence probably happened because the food leads to overall health, our mental and physical that still determine how we think and believe. So, after a healthy and balanced diet is for everyone to keep their health and fitness to optimal levels is essential. In addition to various diseases bay a diet to a better prevention of diseases that are directly linked to our eating habits, such as uric acid kidney stones, which is one of five different types of kidney stones.

As the name suggests, uric acid kidney stones are caused when uric acid in the body. Well, not directly uric acid in the body, but is formed during digestion and metabolism. Uric acid is essential for various body functions, but only if consumed or produced in limited quantities. In general, uric acid from the body is not used urine and feces thrown, but if excessive amount of uric acid is produced, it promotes the body build and the formation of stones. It could also arise from disturbances in the kidneys, or drinking foods containing uric acid. You cannot control the renal function, but surely we can keep our food to uric acid kidney stones Golf control. The following prices provide some information on the diet to prevent urate kidney stones.

The best diet to prevent kidney stones

Because you know that the diet plays an important role in the prevention and control of uric acid kidney stones should know are wondering how to prevent uric acid kidney stone. The following information tells you exactly that:

Foods to avoid                        

Uric acid is produced in large quantities, while breaking purines, which of course in the tissue, blood and urine can be found. In addition, there are many foods high in purines are able to contribute to kidney stones. Therefore, foods high in purines should be avoided or limited their intake. Given below is a list of foods rich in purines, and uric acid:







Mutton grouse










Before food intake should be both in terms of servings, and frequency are limited. Moreover, excessive salt, sugar and caffeine should be avoided. You should also limit consumption of beer and other alcoholic products. It helps reduce levels of uric acid in the body, control, ie the formation of uric acid kidney stones.

To eat food

After passing through to avoid the above list of foods to be clear that the diet is not meat or vegetables, this is the risk of uric acid kidney stones. So, against the best diet you can follow to keep control of uric acid, is a vegetarian diet as vegetables and fruits, have very low levels of purines and uric acid. In addition, dairy products are also determined that to reduce uric acid levels in the body, so eat at least one milk product, be it milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, cheese or milk cows, daily, can help uric acid levels. Given below is a list of other foods you can include in your daily diet:

Soy cheese

Soy milk

Chic Pea


Whole grains



It also helps a lot of water to the expulsion of uric acid drink in the body. So much water you drink more than to expel uric acid in urine. It is also advisable to liquids such as orange juice and soft drinks that are high in citrate; the drinking prevents the growth of uric acid crystals and stones, reducing the risk of kidney stones. But you should check with your doctor before you visit all uric acid kidney stone diet to avoid further complications.

By Taha Mateen


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