Language is the only thing which discriminates human from animals. We communicate verbally and non –verbally. Verbally through words and non- verbally by showing expression, nodding or smiling etc. it can be Spoken, written or signed, basically it is based on a system of  symbols  .

Language is an inner expression of ones emotion, a persons gives meaning to his senses and perception. Language is developed in steps and we can judge ones knowledge and intelligence through his communications.

In ancient times people was not filmier with sounds, words and there were no concept of language. People face difficulty in communication then they invent different signs for different expressions, when these peoples travel from one region to other regions they communicate through these words.  With the  passage of time they start producing different sounds and these sounds take the shape of words ,in start the words was not proper but with the passage of time they take appropriate words with meanings and proper sounds accordingly.

Language is highly organized; it involves system of first we pay attention to the sound or words it is called phonology then we give meaning to formation of words, it is called morphology. Then we combine the words and form a meaning full phrase and sentences is called syntax .We give meaning to those sentences and words called semantics and at the end we use the suitable language in different circumstances is called  pragmatics

The language is develop in stages At first an infant  starts babbling like crying cooing and showing gestures as well  as then the baby starts recognizing language sounds between age of 8 to 12 months and he utters first word. At the time of 18 to 20 months he starts uttering two words and after that the process proceeds till death.

Our mind plays an essential role in language development.  Our memory plays an important role to memorize and retrieve different words as the context of language is very significant .Our style of communication become different with different peoples for example our way of talking is different with our teacher and parents and our fallows. Our culture plays an important role in expression of language before starting conversation we keep the context in our minds.

Language is a great blessing of Almighty Allah and it is the only reason which makes human superior then animals. This is the way to give the representation of our thoughts. We should keep this thing in our mind that to use an appropriate language by looking the context and the person to whom we are conversing. Don’t misuse language and don’t make fun of those disable people who lack behind in this blessing.

Author :Anila bibi


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