Books are the most essential element of our life. The place where we can get a sea of books of all variety is called libraries. With the passage of time the libraries have become very important and necessary as the other task of our life. A large amount of people prefers to spend their time in libraries. With the spread of literary and universal education, libraries have become the most integral part of our life. Libraries are everywhere. We can mostly find them in schools, colleges, and universities. Where students use libraries to acquire knowledge. Naturally where there is a thirst of knowledge, there is also an ever increasing demand for books and magazines. There is a huge difference among the library of the school and university. In a school we can find a limited amount of books. But this stuff is sufficient for school level. In university, we can see a large number of books which help the students to learn more. We can observe a massive variety of books. In which medical, non medical, novels, Islamic, traditional and magazines are present. In school libraries, there is no proper stuff of book. There is no borrowing facility and no proper staff for library. But in university level the situation is opposite. Books are issued for deep learning and understanding. Libraries obviously play an important role in creating genuine love of books and interest in currant affairs. Silence is the most vital component of discipline during sitting in library. Making noise can alter the concentration of other students. So noise should not be made. If anyone likes a book and borrow it, then that book should be returned on the exact returning date. No over writing or tearing or any harm to the book should be done because all these things are against the rules and regulations of libraries.

The reading rooms promote a spirit of discipline, research, enquiry and fellowship. Libraries with the variety of attractive titles have a healthy, beneficial effect on the eager mind of students.


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