Life in village

The villagers are very simple and straightforward people. They lead a simple, happy and contented life in their own way, which is quite unlike to our modern city life. Their houses are different from houses in big cities. They are mud-plastered, except for a few that are made of red brick. Most of the lanes and streets are narrow and dusty. Usually the villagers go about on foot. They don’t use motorcar and taxis or even buses for short distances. That is way they are healthy and strong. The market in villages is not the same as Karachi or other modern city. In the village, shops are few and scattered. The carpenter and the blacksmith are the two workmen, who are needed most in the village. Hay make and repair the farmers, tools and do other odd jobs.

Two other important persons in the village are the primary school teachers, who also acts as the postmaster of the village, and the imam of the mosque? The imam exercises a great influence on the villagers, who look up to him for moral and religious guidance and for the treatment of minor ailments and common diseases of their children. he also run a “Makteb’where he teaches the Holy Quran to young children, for which he does nor charge any fee but accept small presents like milk, butter or ghee from the parents of the children as a token of love and affection.

There is a meeting place in every village known as Otaq; the villagers meet there in the evening or in their leisure hours, talk about the weather, the crops and the village affairs and enjoy the folk songs, sung to the tune of GHAGHAR and the TAMBOOORA.just as; Otaq’ is the meeting place for men, the village well is the meeting place for women. The village people generally awake early morning. They not late sleepers like city people. Men go to say their prayers in the mosque, while women say their prayer at home. Men milk the cows and buffaloes and women churn milk to make butter and lassi. Lassi is their main drink, now a days, tea also appears to have found its way into the homes of some of the villagers.

Village life has its own charms. It is very pleasant to go and live there for a few days .in cities there are various kinds of pollution, air pollution water pollution and noise pollution. In village the atmosphere is peaceful and people enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty.

By Shamim Bokhari(204/10)


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