London Riots- Real Story

London; capital of United Kingdom is not safe from the violence and the darkness of terrorism. London police seems helpless before the growing riots day by day. All communities are harassed and seem being trapped at their flats. The peace and daily activities are ceased and people are forced to live within the four walls. No shopping plaza, no market, no store and no centre is secure from the fire of anguish expressed out by the Black community. The old war of races is not unknown to anyone living on the planet.

Not very long ago blacks were considered slaves on their own land. A deep hatred has been instilled in the minds and the fact was realized by the national and international communities that blacks can never be equal to White. Education, basic rights, citizenship facilities, government protection and job seeking opportunities were quite unequal for the two different colored people. It was not so that police treated the two types equally. If a black was drunk, it was crime. If the same was done by a white man, it was his right.  If a fight arose between two, it was black who suffered. Almost it was an understood reality and nobody used to get surprise at the unjust treatment of the state.

I mentioned the background because to tell that the riots are not new based on the racism. It holds a history behind it. Yet, one difference was found with the passing years that black community started developing and people among them raised voice for the rights of their race. Awareness started taking place in their community with which a resistance was seemed to find in worldwide black community.

Their voice strengthened and their power led them to go to the parliament seats and then to secure the president ship. The world had to listen what the slogans were raised by the black because they were well familiar with the consequences which they had to face in the past. They knew well that oppression and suppression of this voice could have brought a revolution which was definitely a chaos for the white governing people. So, for having their side secure, they accepted their identity and spaces were given to different persons belonging and working for black community.

It was then when pen was picked up and writers started expressing the anguish and pain which a black man was suffering with. New horizons were knocked by the beauty of this literature and literature gave birth to a new era named as post colonial literature. Noble prizes were awarded and world bowed before the beauty of the truth which it needed to know. Thus it was late in 19th century that black were allowed to travel in the same train and shared equal citizenship with the white.

Coming back to London Riots, it is necessary to mention that even after getting an identity; Blacks still suffer with the inferior position of secondary citizen. The sudden blast of this anger is not instant rather a deep and long planned conspiracy is being reported behind it. It is surely a party who wants to extract his own benefits from the conflict and bloodshed by the two races. It took a long time to revive the same pain in the minds of black which was gone in deep slumber.

No doubt; it was not such a difficult job because still law treated the two races in different way. No black ever went to a police station for reporting a crime that was committed against him by a white man. The reason was not that he never needed it yet it was the awareness of the fact that he would never be entertained. This inequality was aroused by the hidden conspiracy against the United Kingdom. Blacks were awaken from their toad living style and they were realized that they are no less powerful than the white people ruling them. They were assured that they are more vigorous, more in number and more in support. They are tempted to do things against the law. They are provoked and are made hungry wolves that do not differentiate when go on prey.

By well established ground behind, it was quite easy for the conspirators to bring them at their point. The continuous violence led to the fuss at a common instance. The police treatment of a black guy led the whole community to go on fire. But any sensible man can trace that this was not instant as mentioned above; there are number of things which counted. And the result is today’s London bloodshed which kept everything, every community and every market in its fire. The feeling of insecurity is forcing people not to leave their home places. The life is imprisoned and the death is on hunt.

The present situation led UK Prime Minister to put the policy and enforce the strict implementation on the black community. He was so determined that he did not even listen to the opposition voting against his decision. The step has to be taken for the rehabilitation of peaceful life and continuity of daily life in London.

Such incidents leave many questions behind them. These knock at the conscience of every human being and make him think that the world has faced too many sufferings, too much bloodshed and too much agony. Now the planet is torn and tired. Things must be settled down now.

By Ammarah Khan


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