Love is like rare stone

What is love? This is probably the most important question of all, they need more alive. Although I can not claim to know the exact definition, I know one thing for sure. The answer can be found in the pages of a dictionary, but written in the pages of the book of life, such as. With love, anything is possible, they say. Love is right. Without love there is chaos. Without love, nothing makes sense. Love is probably the easiest and most difficult concepts in order to understand. This word is used so indiscriminately and in a distorted today, it is difficult to see what it really is. This is not to see, but know for sure. Let us go on a journey together and try to find the definition of love.

One way to define something is to get exactly into words in a given context. How would you describe something as completely as love covers if the mere act of collapse in a particular context, distorts their meaning?

How would it try and define what is not. So if we try to see “what is love, not” know “what is in fact” is probably a lot easier. This will be our approach …

What is the definition of love?

As a word of love has become so porous that the true meaning of it is used in confusion drown.  However, some experiences of romantic encounters in real life tend to approach people cynical about all this, when their hearts are broken. Please just keep away all your previous ideas about the definition of love. Let us know what love is fresh, with an open mind. We go to questions whose answers can lead us to what is the definition of love that is true.

Love is the system?
The attachment is conventionally known as one of the signs of being in love, but love is loyalty? You love your family, your wife you love, you love your car, you love your friends and you love your dog. They are mounted closely to each of these things. What happens when they are taken by you or leave you? If you lose all these things, hurt, angry, helpless and very sad. That’s because you live under constant fear of losing all these things. Appendix fears built into or attachment is rather out of fear. As an attachment breeds anger pain and weakness that can be called love, If there is no love, no fear. Ergo system is definitely loved.

Love is lust or desire to possess?
When people are asked how you know you are in love, they have the attraction and intense desire for the opposite sex. Many feel the love that intense sexual desire and attraction that is only for one person. As human beings we are constantly in search of pleasure and love as the last load of fun.

But what happens when the object of desire is not mutual feelings? The feeling, turns quickly to disappointment, even hatred, that you despise your progress, which he / she is and she would prefer a different pair. Then there is jealousy, pain and ultimately destroy the peace of mind. If you follow the path of achieving pleasure and pain, you can be sure that what you felt, was the desire not to love. Then, when love is the ultimate pleasure, then what is the definition of love. Keep exploring our perceptions of love with.

Love is the duty or responsibility?
Some see love as a duty and responsibility can be compared to someone or something. However, when doing things or tax liability, you unknowingly feeding your ego with “Yes”, “I was there,” and more like “I do what only a bigger ego and you will unknowingly return. If you’re in love, do not feed them! “I”, but rich “Us.” So the tax is a self-esteem enhancement or improvement of self image, cannot be love. It may be best to narcissism. This is not like the tax.

Love is exclusive or subject?
Fri love has attached conditions or conditions, if the border is not only love, feeling possessive, comparative and attachment inevitably in. We all know that the exclusive possession and mounting fear of losing the race to crawl and eventually leads to jealousy. What we does not our love is not limited and ultimately leads to pain and confusion.

So what is the true definition of love? If not attached, lust, pleasure and responsibility, what is true love. To get to the root of this, we need to perceive what makes us incapable of true love? That thing must be its origin attachment, lust, jealousy, anger and desire. If we can cut off the source of all these negative feelings, we can see at a glance what’s really love. This is an “I” to whom we build the kingdom of “everything that is mine.” We do not see the love when they Ego, whose main function is to exercise and recreational needs blinded. If there is no “I” cannot you just love? If it’s love I can never really experience. I am in no way an authority on the subject, but that’s what I love to feel.

Personally I find it very difficult to give up my ego, but I think the only thing to destroy you, when you charge any hope of true love would have been necessary. Then there is no “I” or “you” or “she”, but only love. Take “I” and “you” in “I Love You,” and all that remains is love. Otherwise, we can be happy with what is only illusion, is in love. This is the definition of love for me.

Take a look at the couples around you – do not think they’re just in love or are made ​​for each other? Well! The odds are 50 to 50, maybe they are in love or passion, not only between them. Very often it happens that, in the middle of a relationship with the idea of ​​obligation to be afraid. Start to ask other questions like: Is he / she is trustworthy, or he / she is the person you want to spend the rest of your life? If you find it difficult to answer “yes”, then it is very possible that ,what is actually the person you feel is passion, not true love.

The relationship is as unrealistic expectations led passion and romance defined. There is a general feeling in general was to start a relationship. Many couples are in love with their partners to a certain extent.

By: Taha Mateen


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