Marketing and Computer Revolution

The process that undertakes selling and purchasing of goods is called marketing. The particular target of marketing is acquiring, retaining and satisfying customers. The modern marketing is quite complex and diverse in operation. This area now includes application of special functions, for example, advertising, public relations, mail order business merchandising and retailing, sales and market research.

The marketing features of businesses depend upon huge transactions using computer as a unique and most significant tool in their functioning. Computers are used in inventory control, handling and processing orders, communication between companies and various organizations. The handling of design and goods production, manufacturing, products and their relative market analysis, advertising and intermediate controlling of company operations is done by the computer technology.

In this age of competition the business environment is fully commercialized and new means of excelling in business output are devised. The ratio of profitability has become the most significant aspect of running a business at all because companies need to maintain their positions in competition while operating in the market. The ultimate formula of success has become more intense to work upon and taking lead is becoming a hard target to achieve. The hunt for better systems in computer technology has placed this business on the top levels. The usage and requirements of most modern and updated software’s and demands for different programmers have developed this technology showing ‘sky is the limit.’

The use of CAD, has given a new trend in industrial revolution. This programme shows the models that display characteristics of objects. These objects are redesigned and analyzed according to requirements and this allows companies to study different designs without materializing it and thus saving a very high cost of building and testing various models. The controlling of manufacturing systems is also done by the software engineering. The computer aided manufacturing designs are done by the computer graphics which are highly interactive to use.

The easy accessibility and presence of different scientists and experts online saves the precious time and let the process time in reduction. The huge collection of different thesis and workable papers are also a source of bringing revolution in market procedures.              

 By Umar Saleh(315/10)


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