Money talks

If you are going for a shopping, you humbly stop at the traffic signal with all the other cars slowing down around you, suddenly, silver; shining Mercedes whizzes pass at breakneck speed. All eyes inevitably turn to behold and admire the vehicle while cursing under their breath that no rules apply to the rich, in this country. Showing off is the name of the game these days. Flaunting riches paves the way for easy integrations into the social circle of the high place where everyone wants to be. Starting from which school your kid is enrolled in to the brand of stilettos that adorn your feet, every thing is met with a special eyes if not from a known commercial entity. Children adopt the same kind of mindset that parents have. This gravely affects their upbringing and inculcation of social values. Parents, even from the upper –middle stratum of society, often refrain from enrolling their kids in posh schools as these institutions are perceived to encourage the ‘showoff culture’. High flying social gathering are the hub of flamboyance. The conversation generally revolves around brands, shopping, how many cars a certain family owns and how another is in financial doldrums. This is the trend over and media has a big role to play in such a change, says a renowned fashion designer it is on this trend, shall we say that our business flourishes. It is the name that we charge for. Of course, there is hard work and designing as well, but lets accept it, it is basically the tag that goes with an outfit that fetches the price. The same goes of any other thing like cars or furniture. Our society is becoming more brand conscious now. And this change is taking place in the world over. There is no denying the fact that this metamorphosis, though lucrative for some, is creating a big economic gap. The way we are becoming a wealth chasing, impetuous society leaves its negative impact on many generations to come. The increasing gap between the haves and have-not affects the latter negatively, while making the former indifferent to the plight of others. Hence those who feel deprived might turn towards illicit means to reach the upper stratum.

We have reached a point from where there is no turning back. It would require a complete mental overhaul to flush ostentation out of our system and bring in moderation. In the real world it doesn’t matter what brand of clothes or car one has. It is all about being humane and compassionate. Having wealth is not wrong; it is the way we flaunt it that makes the difference. Wearing a branded t-shirt doesn’t cause problems. The fault lies in on’s attitude that revolves around making a show of the brand and this attitude plagues the whole world. In the words of Ben Hecht,’ A man who show his wealth is like the beggar who shows his poverty’ they are both looking for alms, the rich man for the alms of envy the poor man for the alms of guilt.

By Shamim bokhari (204/10)


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