Muhammad (PBUH)-Last prophet


The last prophet of Allah, the savior of mankind, a complete model for humanity and a person who set examples for every affair and issue concerning life; Muhammad (PBUH) was an Arabic in his blood. He belonged to a noble tribe of Arabs.

Let me write an interesting fact before I go mentioning different aspects of prophet’s life, all religions other than Islam call him the prophet of Muslims who only came for them on the planet. But you must be surprised to know that all of them do believe in the moral values he preached and practiced. It was like one example that his name is listed at the top of all the barristers put on the Lincoln’s inn.

It was one day like others when Arabs were called by the voice of a man who asked them to be gathered before the mountain on which he was standing. All followed; the reason was not that he was the son of a feudal or a man with great power, no, not at all; he was an orphan with no personal property. It was because the man was Muhammad (PBUH) whom they knew and respected for his attributes. The strange call led to the strange narration. The man on the mountain was asking the procession if they believed on his words if he said there was an army behind the cliff and is capable of ruining them. The answer was in a single voice “yes, we will”. It was not that Arabs were habitual of such attack of armies who used to appear from anywhere and went after destroying everything. No, it was because they all knew is there was anyone who had never lied, it was the man standing before them asking a strange query, it was Muhammad (PBUH) who had been given the title of being true for his truth.

Here the prophet openly invited the clan to believe in Allah or they would face the same as he announced about an army. The ignorant became red with anger, they were those who had found them following the tracks of their forefathers and their forefathers were on the same track which was left by their ancestors.

These Arabs were those who used to bury their daughters alive in the ground. They were those who used be happy if a woman is in slavery. They were indulged in every worst deed that the world can ever have seen.

Such were the people to whom Muhammad (PBUH) was sent. He was sent by Lord to call them to light of religion, to light of heavens and to the light of success. It was the worst period that Muhammad (PBUH) faced in the early prophet hood time.

His friends turned in his enemies, his relatives came out for his murder, his tribesmen demanded his social boycott and he was all calm and peaceful. He did not return anyone’s bad words, insulting speeches and rude actions. He was chosen as the last prophet whose message was for all the humanity.

Muhammad (PBUH) was born in Makah. His father had died before his birth. His mom passed away when he was only of six. His look after was on his grandfather who also dies when he reached at the age of 8. He faced every hardship and cruelty imposed by the ignorant around him. He was openly abused, bombarded with stones, kept restricted and boycotted with fellows and was planned to be murdered.

His response to all these was that he used to sweep the home of the old woman who used to throw filth on him daily, he used to pray for those who made him bleeding from head to foot and he used to forgive his enemies; no matter what was committed by them.

He led a very simple life. He was made the king of the world and yet he did not have enough for his coffin. His diet was plain and his bed was floor. Whether people accepted his preaching or not, they did believe him for his attributes. Once a conflict was arisen between a Jew and a hypocrite. The Jew wanted the matter to be settled by the prophet (PBUH) while the hypocrite was insistent to take the decision made by one of the lords of Jews.

Why did a Jew want prophet (PBUH) to settle his matter while he is not of his religion? The reason is the justice made by Muhammad (PBUH) which dragged even non Muslims to come in his court and get their issues to be settled down in a just way.

Muhammad (PBUH) was a great planner and his strategies led Muslims to win many wars which they were about to lose. His policies made English to believe and appreciate his intelligence. It was Dr Allama Iqbal who on asking told Mussolini to make new cities instead of widening the old ones. The dictator was amazed and told Iqbal that he has said something which can bring solution to many problems. It was then that Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal disclosed that these words are not said by him rather these are the words of the prophet (PBUH) who gave this manifesto almost 14 centuries ago.

Muhammad (PBUH) died a natural death at the age of 63. And Abu Baker Siddique (RA) was appointed the first caliph after him.

It is very hard; almost impossible to discuss all aspects of Muhammad (PBUH)’s life in such few words. He was a torch bearer who led an example concerning every issue of life.

By Ammarah Khan


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