Muscle building

Our body is composed of bones and muscles. Muscles act as the outer covering of our bones. Muscles are the most important part of our body structure. We can’t imagine our self without muscles. There are 650 muscles in our body by number. Almost 75 pairs of muscles are required maintaining our body posture like our standing, sitting and lying. Beside this, it is due to muscles that we can walk. They help us in our blood supply, locomotion, provide strength and support to our body. It is due to muscles that we look healthy and bulky. Muscles also protect our bones and joints. There are further many kinds of muscles which are responsible for our breathing, pumping of heart and in the function of many other vital components of our body. In view of all the above mentioned functions of muscles, they acquire the place of most vital components of our body. The question is that how to maintain the strength and potency of the muscles. There are a large number of people specially the young boys; they use different supplements and drugs to strengthen their muscles.

 But it has a lot of adverse affects on the health of the users. People also try to gain weight as soon as possible in order to build muscles but it also affects their other body functions. By doing exercise, proper weight lifting, having healthy food and healthy activities are the key points to build muscles instead of using supplements. Don’t try to gain or lose your weight frequently as it has adverse effects on the health. So the muscles and bones should kept healthy Because if they  become weak he or she will not be able to even walk therefore we all should pay our prime attention towards the strength of our muscles in order to keep our selves fit and healthy.

By Umar Saleh


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