My Husband Blames Me For His Affair – Who’s To Blame?

Her husband is having an affair and blames it for his actions. Why do you blame him? Why did she want a relationship? There will be more than a dozen questions; there is a right to deceive her husband or her? No matter what reason is there is no justification for it. So do not be your fault that your husband cheating.

It is normal for a fraudster to feel guilty and find an excuse for defense can actually make them feel “less guilty”. What are the most common excuses for a company?

– Not enough attention to me, and I need someone to talk to.

– I had enough of your Nags, I need rest.

– We are drifting apart and I do not feel you understand what I want.

– I had enough of it, is to be bored.

– We do not have enough sex.

– I do not love you.

– I am making this marriage emphasized.

– You work too much.

– We always fight and I need some space.

The truth is that there is always the excuse for an adventure of a con artist his truck and find someone to point the finger it more difficult to heal and to repair the marriage. If a company is in marriage, shows that there are problems. It is the responsibility both for you to work together and solve.


Your emotions will play an important role in this problem. They experience anger and sadness, and that is natural for you to respond in this way your husband’s affair. Try to keep emotions under control, because it will make it exhausted and depressed, if you can not work your feelings.

The plans

Make some plans for your marriage problems. How are you going to the affair with your husband? Think carefully about how you want your marriage. Whatever plans they will make sure am going to show no weakness and despair. Communicate calmly with your spouse, if you want to inspire a change in him. It is only through this way, you can find the real problem.

This can be a challenge dealing with the economy. As long as you keep building and repair it properly, you can move to the marriage with the healing phase. I saw many couples, the marriage was “more to the survival of a company.

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The reconstruction of two-way communication is a vital relationship. There is no real relationship if two of you just talk to each other in relation to domestic activities. While this is important is not simply the only element that has the relationship offline.

An important part of this communication, we must be honest. Her husband said enough is cheating, as they had a marital relationship. If marriage is to repair, then the truth must be ahead in the middle. No more dishonesty, which includes not only the actual words, but also a failure.

But be careful. While telling the truth is definitely the best policy, it can easily lead to further problems. The fact is, if done wrong, if it’s a good marital relationship one can destroy once and for all.

A. Communication Overload

You can decide cheated in an open discussion with your spouse committed on marital business data. You can do this in order to help the recovery phase. And as marriage partners begin sharing details in a very explicit. It is not long before they were feeling angry is one thing.

The description is not to suffer more and the next thing you know, an explosion was filled with blood. Anger is triggered and the two start fighting almost constantly.

If you really want to learn graphic details of the marriage business, then be ready to call, and a little time to go to. Given the small amount you save a lot of stress and anxiety. Are currently under great pressure, it can not be more than what is currently there to add. Also note that not always know the graphic details of the civil activities begin to catch up. Sometimes it is advisable to only do so much.

Two. The truth waving the gun

After cheating on your partner think that is your personal right to be their judge. And oh boy you exercise this right. You can change the truth about the use of your significant other as a blunt instrument. Whatever you use it as an opportunity to explain about your spouse all the things that are wrong with them. From a certain thing they said years ago, which is annoying behavior is silent for more than it should have.

Not long before the spouse reaches the conclusion that two people can play this game and the next thing you know the truth bombs on each other fast and furious play are thrown.

This is certainly no way to heal after infidelity. To stay in the relationship requires truth, but if there is no sense of proportion, so you can cool down and stop and start divorce proceedings now. To say the truth is meant to establish the marriage and did not hurt even more than you now.
I’ve heard that sometimes women are not sure what to do about her marriage after her husband to cheat or have an affair. Some of them really want to save their marriage, but they are not sure whether this will be possible – or even healthy.

I heard told by a woman. “I know that this is a big cliché, but my husband had a long-term relationship with his secretary after I found out she left her job because she told my husband that I will be useful. So, I trust that it reasonable is now out of the picture, but, although I would like to save my marriage, I’m not sure if this is possible .. I’m married to a friend, after her husband is her affair and was so angry and unhappy with it, it means that business issues on a regular basis .. it clear none of them were able to move on and that both are extremely unhappy. She tells me that she thinks it would be better that both have been divorced because there is really no way to really get over infidelity. It is the right one? I really want to save my marriage, but it’s better to just cut my losses and get a divorce, after this kind of waste in front of the betrayal all the while trying to save my marriage, but end up being unhappy, somehow. ”

Divorce is not, of course, after an affair: It may surprise you when I say this, but leave many couples after infidelity. I realize this is a common perception that divorce is usually a business, but that’s really not the case. Many couples have chosen to remain married for a variety of reasons.

By: Taha Mateen.


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