Nicotine Gum

As part of the nicotine replacement therapy nicotine chewing gum was invented to help people to quit the harmful habit of smoking. As the name suggests, nicotine gum, a small amount of nicotine, the ability to replace the cigarettes to a certain degree has. Instead of popping a cigarette when the need arises, you will be asked to chew a piece of nicotine gum and pop in a certain way so as to satisfy the urge to smoke even without any harmful chemicals, including a cigarette. Connecting the habit is so hard for many, have found that chewing gum relief. However, there is also something known as addiction to chewing gum, it can be very harmful in the long term nicotine. Amount consumed will eventually become significant, and show more symptoms that are set by the body. Here we discuss the impact of short-term and long-term health effects of nicotine chewing gum.

Short-term effects of nicotine gum health

As the body finds other connections in November nicotine chewing gum, you will expose some common side effects include:

Dry mouth

Pain in the jaw


Burning in the mouth Joint pain

Difficulty falling asleep

Itching and redness

Muscle pain



Stomach upset and nausea

These are some common side effects are in the brochure accompanying packet of nicotine gum sought to explain. However, if you have severe side effects such as allergic reactions to rubber in the form of hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of a part of the face, severe dizziness, nausea or vomiting, severe tiredness or jaw problems or mouth, it is important that your doctor immediately . Visit Every body is different and, can vary the side effects of any person strong. In any case, if you want something unusual serious as nicotine gum, you should visit your doctor at the earliest.

Long-term effects of nicotine gum health

After seeing the light side effects, and nicotine chewing gum right now if you could own this beautiful substitute for cigarettes, put on the risk of the diseases were found addicted to the following health effects of nicotine chewing gum.

Mouth ulcers: the use of nicotine gum long term, the development of ulcers in the mouth, to the extent of oral cancer. Although the amount of nicotine in nicotine gum is much smaller than cigarettes, as already mentioned, it contributes to a significant amount of long-term.

Gum disease: nicotine, when it has consumed in large quantities, the ability of the arteries and restricts blood flow of various body parts contract. If the blood supplies to the gums are reduced, is likely to cause gum disease. As limited blood flow can lead to other parts of the body to muscles.

CHD: coronary heart disease development is accelerated by the use of nicotine chewing nicotine gum long term. This in turn is reduced by narrowing of the arteries nicotine blood circulation in all parts of the body and back to the heart. This capacity can also contribute to the development of high blood pressure.

Effects during pregnancy: It is absolutely unhealthy to consume any form of nicotine during pregnancy or while breast-feeding. While smoking should be excluded from consideration, it is also expensive nicotine gum be dangerous. Studies have shown that regular pregnant women who chewed nicotine gum, especially during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, chances is increased that offer to children with birth defects by about 65%.

Reflux and weight gain are more long-term effects of nicotine gum health. The best way to withdraw completely nicotine addiction gradually reduces the amount of the recording, so that your body makes life easier without this drug. It takes a lot of willpower, but it will definitely help you kick habit and allow you to live a healthy life, to live free of disease.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only buzz. Read and understand carefully the instructions on the package insert, such as nicotine gum and watch for possible side effects as mentioned in the literature. Also tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to anything before the purchase and use of nicotine chewing gum.

 by Taha Mateen


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