Nightmares can be true ?

The world of dreams is a unique world where you can be a king; you can be a personality which is in real life you admire too much. You can visit that places where you can’t go easily or the places which are in your imaginations, you can meet the celebrities or big personalities which are your favorites. So the dreams are an exclusive way to watch out these things, places and meet personalities which cannot be possible in real life.

But if the dreams are medium to fulfill our wishes but it’s also can be true in our real life in shape of bad incidents and these terrible accidents can be happen when we saw nightmares. A nightmare is a dream which can be a cause of great negative disturbing response upon the sleeper. In nightmares, the sleeper watches the situation of danger, anxiety, distress, or may be psychological and physical terror. A nightmare may seen by sleeper occasionally, after sometimes or even every night. Some nightmares have left the impression of revulsion and horror and sometimes the nightmares influence the person that much that it troubled the one’s life. It may harm mentally someone’s or can be destroying someone’s life.     

I have seen many peoples when they observe the nightmares they feel fright, shock and feel uncomfortable upon their selves. Once I met a lady who was really a victim of nightmare or we can say that she was hunted by nightmare. She told that one night she saw a nightmare that her “Duppata” (a huge piece of cloth which uses by woman’s for covering their selves) dropped to her head and she felt scared. Then the next day her husband died and she became a widow. In common life we met often strangers who told about their life happening and I have heard many true accidents and amazing incidents which only happened when a person saw a nightmare.   

But sometimes I have personally noticed many people that when they saw nightmares they felt anxiety and imagining all the time about nightmares. They are scared and felt uneasy but when nothing happens then they forget the nightmare. But a very few number of person’s realize that a nightmares cannot be true in their lives. Nightmares can come true in our lives or not? The answer of this question is complicated because everybody has their own experiences about that.

 By Rehana khan(111/10)


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