Nuts in cold season

As the season has changed, the cold wind quietly entered, a slight chill has settled into its folds signaling that winter has crept up upon us. now it is the time to bundle ourselves in warm sweaters and cardigans, time to flaunt our kashmiri shawls and to snuggle deep into the cosy,soft comforts in the cold, cold mornings. But best of all, winter bring with it the manna of fresh and dry fruits. As the winter come dry fruit vendors mushroom in every nook and corner of the cities with their mouth-watering goods heaped on their thelas. Once again we make a beeline for our favorite almonds, peanuts, pine nuts cashew, walnuts, raisins dried figs and what not.

 In fact these become san essential part of’ winter culture’ but are equally important because they make a fantastic delicacy for guests, as well. When attractively arranged, dry fruits present typical winter colures and are easy to serve. This little sweets/can be carried in our pockets and kept inside the drawers to be savored at work, especially when things get depressing and we need something to cheer us up.

They make a great picnic snack too, especially if the nuts are roasted a little with a dash of salt and pepper. For children just add a few almonds, pistachios and raisins to milk and cornflakes and watch the kids devour it to the last. Winter is also the perfect time to try out the various recipes that include nuts and dry fruits. Arabian rice, date and walnut cakes, nuts with biscuits; and much more.

These nuts are full of protein and fat, and much nutrition’s which are an essential part of our body. Parties look incomplete with out a snack made out of these and sweetmeats can only thank them for adding to their richness. Dried coconut is also a dry fruit; coconut’s water is very good for health. If you want to enjoy a healthy life you must eat dry fruits.

 By ShamimBokhari(204/10)


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