Online Risks

While using internet sometimes you type some website address and it opens to a very similar site normally. Think for instance because you may have entered some fraudulent website and victim of online typo-squatter.

There is always chance to become a victim while working online because new fraudulent trends are being practiced and they continuously haunt us by adopting new methods of exploitations. Some time back we were wary of inserting infected floppy discs into the drives of our computers but with the passage of time the problems concerning internet has been multiplied. The search of good antivirus is also a problem and clicking to every link may bring some disturbances. What to do, to avoid certain mishaps all the way, we must understand the ongoing changes online.

Those who mistype web addresses and move to alternate sites are called typo-squatter, just producing havoc, these sites relates to users misspelling a popular URL and thus landing on typo-squatter sites.

These typo-squatter sites generate their revenue by click through advertising or at bringing consumers into scams. The robbing of email addresses is also in practice as when we see our mail box flooded with unwanted spam emails.

To maintain our security online we need to be well aware of the practiced items continuously, because the scammers are getting more and more equipped and they are trying to hunt us in hidden styles.

Be sure that your kids are being supervised accordingly because children’s sites are most heavily targeted and they become an easy victim just exposing them to pornography or other disturbing materials.

Always try your search on a search engine to find than to guess just by misspelling. Be careful about your information’s detail while sharing it anywhere on websites and be strict to adopt to use security precautions all the time to block the unwanted stuff.

 By Umar saleh


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