Osteoporosis is a disease which is associated with bones and lead to their fracture if become serious. Osteoporosis is a Greek word which means “porous bones”. In this disease bones become very weak. It is usually caused due to the hormonal imbalancement or due to some chronic diseases and also by the constant use of medication. In this disease the minerals starts deteriorating from the body and do not deposited on the architecture of bone joint. In other words the bone minerals density becomes very low than the amount which body need.

The standard bone mineral density is 2.5. Osteoporosis is basically the component of frailty syndrome. It has two main types one is primary and the other one is secondary. Primary has further 2 types.

The type two is caused both in males and females after the age of 75 at the ratio of 2:1 and is called senile osteoporosis. And type 1 is caused in women just after the puberty and is called post menopause osteoporosis. The secondary osteoporosis is caused at any age of life due to the constant use of medicate.

It happens both in males and female’s treatments of this disease are through proper medication and by changing life style. It means that by doing exercise and by taking balanced diet and preventing falls. The people who are affected by this diseases can also use medicines which contains calcium, vitamin D, biophosphonates and by exposing bones to sunlight. So to avoid this disease we should use balanced and proper diet.


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