Parent hood difficulties

Parents all the time looks for the ways and methods to improve their kid’s lives and they try to provide them better life than ever before. The problems and demands keep on changing with every generation bringing up designs and methods. Every generation require relevant stuff of learning for their own time and age, years back methods won’t work accordingly. Some tips can be followed in this regard;

  1. Children should be fed with positive attitude rather to infuse in them negativity. While teaching them always use positive and productive encouragement rather giving them threats or shouts.
  2. Always teach them by examples, tell them what is right and what is wrong by showing personal character and common examples and practices of good people.
  3. Do not argue unnecessarily, if they disagree. Give solid verbal arguments and try to bring them on debate because every child is an individual and have his own perceptions and thoughts, allow them to give their own opinions. Never let them becoming disrespectful because maintaining certain straight lines are significant to help them expressing their view, right or wrong.
  4. Be cool and never try to lose your temper control. By bringing them to conversation is a better way to build their character and confidence. Sometimes they need an extra care and sometimes they can’t express their inner feelings and got depressed.
  5. Be loving and supportive because you can’t afford to break your emotional attachment with them and by encouraging them they will feel you intact with them. Any strict action can cause a disorder in your stable life, so remaining careful will help to get better results.
  6. Always keep your wife involved in finding their problems and suggesting adequate solutions time to time. The involvement of both the members will show a better concern and help in building their character.

By Umar Saleh


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