Performance review

It’s that time of year again, and as a manager, you will find that we move from written performance evaluation that (fear) for every employee in your team. They should not be so horrible task if you follow some simple steps during the year. It can actually be an interesting process to some of the stars in your team and those who had not delivered likely to discover as much as was expected of them. Provision of effective performance appraisal is likely usually difficult for managers to write the wait until the last minute. Many overlook and forget what the whole process as unfair and unjust. Here is written a simple guide to performance appraisal for managers that seemed to be a tedious task.

How can managers write performance?

Each manager is aware of the importance of examining performance. Nevertheless, it is generally delayed until the last minute and then made in writing or in a hurry, turns out to be exactly the opposite of what kind of feedback manager probably wanted to deliver. Below are the steps and measures to help in this regard.

Regular Grading

Waiting to write on a performance review, like the end it is the biggest mistake that makes the managers. There are probably many employees for review, so it inevitably seen through to the latest successes and failures they have, without having to concentrate the light output during the year. Here, the entire process will go wrong, even at the beginning of everything. As such, you must keep records of quarterly or annual performance so you can give a good contribution to the end.

Timely feedback

It was found that most managers have to wait for the end of a feedback (positive or negative) for an employee. First, remember to do this, a task in itself. Second, to give even if you remember a situation or behavior feedback, space rented 6-8 months ago, they will not have the kind of influence, if he had given immediate feedback, Also receive direct feedback, the staff time for the change (if ever expect) from him / her to show. This change can then be included in the review. A manager should leave no surprises for the end and shock workers if she / he were under the impression that you are happy with his work.

Be critical, but constructive

Ability to provide constructive criticism is an art that is not dominated by several managers. You simply cannot be rude, while the employee tells you that he / she did something wrong. You must indicate the need to improve diplomacy. On the other hand, some managers believe that they give a very positive feedback to reinforce positive behavior. However, if you want your employees probably have become cocky. It sends a positive or negative message in a way that motivates employees to do better. This should not discourage him / her or it or make it fly on a high horse.

Get feedback from evaluators

Your feedback was not only on what you think are good or problem areas found to be based on an employee. Instead, you should try to think what my fellow employees to her / him as an interpreter for the organization. This will help you find the right kind of feedback for good performance review required.

A performance reviews in writing or manager should take place, have a balance between positive and negative feedback, so it makes the difference. As I mentioned, the best way is to make an assessment of performance in order to keep a record of the performance from the start, so you is not emphasized until the end of the year, and are able to write the effective control make it necessary or possible positive changes reinforce positive behavior.

 By Taha Mateen


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