Plagiarism is known as stealing or illegal use of copying certain writings belong to others or it may be taken as breach of copyright of a writing work. Mainly students should always be careful to keep away from plagiarism while writing their papers and research thesis. Certain severe academic penalties are settled for students caught conducting plagiarism even a small portion of their term papers would be automatically receive a failure result and in certain cases students may be expelled from school or college entirely.

The plagiarism is treated as a form of cheating and professors, teachers and institution administrators consider it seriously and are always ready to take strict actions all the way. By stealing another writer ideas or words without citing the proper and genuine source and submitting the work as your own and failing to transfer proper credit to author are the main reasons to take strict actions against the person conducting plagiarism. A false representation of certain words and ideas that show your own work is just like copying an exam answer and just giving an impression of doing by you.

Sometimes this terminology remains confusing because in certain cases well reputed students get in trouble just by failing to apprehend what constitutes as plagiarism and what does not. The proper recognition of sources of information will be helpful to avoid possible plagiarism and if some student has written word by word the idea of an author, he will certainly face the charges rather if a student changes the words structure and relate the same idea he might be caught or may not be, here it is necessary to quote the source of material accordingly.

Borrowing of ideas is also counted in this system even if the words are changed. Therefore paraphrasing is not the substitute for this purpose. The students and writers should be provided with the criterion and awareness not only avoiding it rather ensuring their writings genuine and true.

By Umar Saleh


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