Prestigious Air craft-Concorde

The history of aircraft manufacturing is full of so many exciting designs and displays. A flying machine concept has got the maximum significance and has turned to a vital manufacturing industry since decades. The first solo flight took place almost 100 years ago and now we can talk about supersonic aircrafts carrying passengers across the various countries. The capacity to carry luggage and passengers has elevated to highest standards. An experience of economy, first and business class is available openly for all.

Keeping in view, the supersonic prestigious aircrafts, the BAC Concorde aircraft was designed as a turbojet powered supersonic passenger airliner. The major design and manufacturing was done by the Anglo-French government treaty. The aircraft began to enter in service with British Airways in 1976.

The British Aviation minister and the Ambassador of France signed a preliminary agreement for co-operation. The decision was taken that France and Britain will share equally in both the costs of producing aircraft and the profits from the sales in future. Four leading companies got the contract for work on the SST.The British aircraft corporation and Sud aviation took the responsibility to manufacture the airframe. Again two companies Bristol Siddeley from Britain and SNECMA from France will design and manufacture the Olympus 593-jet engines.

A management group was decided and organized within the two governments and a government financed programme started to move forward. A’mini Concorde aircraft’ was designed and an experimental flight took place. While in September 1965, work started on basic airframe however, in 1969, the French Concorde made its first take off run. The British Concorde also flew in England. These two aircrafts were also displayed at the Paris air show, the same year. The Londoners voiced the first complaint about noise levels when the aircraft landed on Heathrow airport.

The successful flights of Concorde settled new standards in aviation history and by 1982 the Concorde had been in service, more than 6 years. The history again took a new turn and we find that 2000 Air France Concorde crashed in Paris killing 109 passengers and crew and 4 on ground people.

Beside this serious accident Concorde remains an icon in the history of aviation and yet it is claimed to be the best aircraft ever made.

By Umar Saleh(315/10)


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