Promises and affirmations

An affirmation is called a statement or phrase that signifies something personal to you and conveys a desire that you may like to realize. It would be always a great way to come up with a few positive affirmations and promises to use on a daily basis. It could be anything like, I am a superb human being or today is going to be the best day in my life.

These affirmations work for us to program or reprogram our minds for better goals. Repeating the affirmations keeps us replacing negative thoughts with new and positive ideas during our routine daily lives. They induce positive and constructive thoughts all the way in our mind and soul. We try to behave well and strive to become better human beings.

The best idea to work on this process is affirming us repeatedly and continuously. We can call to our inner self unless and until it becomes a habit for us and an attitude to live positively. A good way of keeping these affirmations is writing down the main points on paper, diary or some paper which keeps in front of us. The main idea is to remind these affirmations continuously or we can remind them by recording and listening time to time.

Certain affirmations can be made for our health problems because people who are ill always spend too much time on thinking about their illness and how badly sometimes they feel about their selves. These affirmations and certain promises would help those replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and which actually help body to feel better and healthier.

The beauty of these affirmations is that you can use them to achieve higher targets or desired ones. This could be anything from achieving success yet we can take vigor to overcome fears and negative intentions. We can repair a bad relationship, making good reputation, making good sales or getting a promotion.

It is a force compelling to think positive issues, that’s why one who adopts this moves towards better goals all the way. These can work regardless of looks, gender, religion or background. Certain mental disorders can also be healed by adopting these affirmations in serious manner. So keeping promises would bring you in better positions all the way.

  By Umar Saleh


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