Quit Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health, a majority of people knows the fact yet the smokers are not ready to quit smoking at all. They feel that smoking brings a sense of satisfaction and a perception of being at ease, gives them pleasure. They think that depression can be avoided to some extant by spreading smoke into the air. Their rigid approach to this matter depicts a special type of approach and attitude towards life and facing the adversities going to happen on health ,as well. They profess the idea that smoking is not a serious crime yet some other things are more injurious which are taking place and nobody gives warning at all. Like various kinds of drugs are being used these days. The victim of these dangerous drugs are young people mostly who take the support of smoking to get rid of depression. There are so many ways to avoid it. But it depends upon the interest of the victim that how much he is desperate to leave this devil. Just, like by hydrating the body, by having healthy workouts and obviously one should also have good friends to whom he can share his feelings. It removes the burden of heavy heart and the person literally starts feeling normal, light and easy. In medical point of view smoking is highly poisonous for the health of a person. It damages the lungs portion, mainly. Due to which many respiration diseases are caused as well as the mucous start lying in the respiratory track. It usually causes severe coughing. Smoking is also a source of lungs and mouth cancer. Some People are already known with these hazards but they do smoke. This is because they don’t love their life and don’t want to be vigorously fit.

The life is a precious gift of God, it must be lived well and the habits causing any damage to life should not be adopted. A healthy person is capable of handling the various matters of life quite adequately. A sick mind will not be able to maintain a healthy body and this bestowed gift of nature will be spoiled at all.

By Umar Saleh(315/10)


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  1. Definatly dear, smooking is dead, but some peoples are smooking as a fahsion, they supposed smooking as there lifestyle, well, dear readers, avoid smooking bèfore it become too late!

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