Real Beauty

Beauty can’t be denied, it is a precious gift of God. It has an enormous effect on our lives. Each moment we see beautiful faces and figures on TV, newspaper, internet, magazines and in normal life. On the road, in the parks, restaurants and everywhere we have a sight of beautiful faces and at once, we have no option except to look at. We experience boys talking about beautiful girls and we see girls trying to look more and more beautiful, all the time. The ultimate discussion among the girls circles around the makeup application methods and cosmetic surgery.

Ok, we have some tools to look beautiful but what is real beauty at all. Is it only having good skin, modern clothing, hair styles or heavy makeup? It is true that these elements have an effect to look attractive rather it is much more than it. Beauty is about the personality balance of presenting ourselves in a better way, taking care of our looks and body with balanced diet and maintaining a happy and healthy life. No doubt, a small section of beauty requires good clothing, the makeup and hair styling. The natural outlook is the real beauty while it can be elevated through proper care and attention. The use of makeup should not used to change our facial features but should be used to highlight the natural beauty. In the same manner the fashionable cloths and accessories should add to elevate our looks and makes us updated. It should not be taken as over fashioned or fashion victim appearance

The real beauty is within, we can. Polish our outer appearance by using certain applications but the inner beauty is the real beauty at all. We should remember to eat at right time, be relaxed and optimistic and enjoy our life fully.


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