Saving a Marriage

Are you and your wife going through a hard period? At this stage you ought to know that how to save this marriage. Sometimes both the partners think that there is no attraction to live together or move further with same routine life because they feel to lose the real spark of love and romance. Some couples uses to fight upon minor issues and their particular bliss diminishes with the growing age and they are frustrated to live together without some solid reason. Some wives are demanding and they cannot adjust with the low financial scale of their husband, they don’t have belief upon love and unifying bliss. 

Sometimes people develop misunderstandings with no reason and they feel their marriage going downhill. They compare their start of marriage as the best period with present situation without getting a solution of existing problems. They usually concentrate upon their honeymoon period when everything was fine and they enjoyed a start of relationship full of romance and surprise. With the passage of time they realized that there are some other factors directly entangled with this relationship. Such as one has to be honest and must dedicate his time for keeping the spirit high of better half while it becomes a routine job without realizing its actual demand.  

Saving a marriage can be possible such as;

  1. Be determined to understand the real problems and solving it in an adequate manner. Quitting of old stubborn habits will be essential to move ahead.
  2. Changing the aspects of life which your partner does not like would be a better choice to please her anyway.
  3. Adjust a good time schedule for each other; attempt something new to develop the attraction of relationship. This will excite a new discussion and try to show concerned personally.
  4.  Don’t try to disagree without any solid reason, never go personal on minor issues, and be open- minded and flexible.
  5. Try to communicate with wisdom just providing a positive approach to matters because it’s not mathematics rather its algebra of hearts.

By Umar Saleh


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