Self Control

God created the man on his own will and nature. Every individual has different phenotype and genotype which is different from others totally so we shouldn’t blame others to be of the same nature and to control this diversity the laws are made for human so that everyone should obey them, some people easily adopting them and some have problems because of their different genotype.

In ancient times man used to live in jungles and caves and fill his stomach with uncooked meat, plants, herbs and shrubs but now a day life is so changed and fast that every thing is ready to eat, is available, to wear and enjoy the moments of life. This speediness of life has made us so fast in life activities and even in our dealings in routine life, that we often bypass the social values. It’s an irony that we don’t care other’s feelings and we are becoming so rude and atrabilious.

Today the main problem in our social life is lack of social ethics like self control, care of feelings, if we are going any where on our car or bike and even on rickshaw or cycle we don’t think to bother others in our way and if some problem is there on road, we just want to pull our self out from the place in any way, never know that he may have any obstacle in his way, we start rampageously pester others by giving horns.

Lack of humbleness is seen in our society we are so quick moving that we often neglect the social values and we don’t care the feelings of others.

 We are so aggressive in our daily jobs that we don’t listen to others, we speak more and listen less, which is the main problem in our society. We should accustom to social ethics. Patience is as important for a personality as any other remarkable need.

 We are living in such a nerve shattering era that we just see the superficially and show our anger or love we rather go inside the story, if a child weeps, we start abusing him instead of finding the problem and feelings of that child, he may be suffering from some pain or something else, we should see all the pros and cons carefully.

 The life of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) is an example for us, we can recall the story of a non-Muslim woman who used to throw garbage on our Holy Prophet (PBUH) daily from the roof of her house but Holy Prophet (PBUH) always pass silently and never abused her. One  day their was no garbage thrown on my beloved Prophet (PBUH),my beloved Prophet (PBUH) saw upward but there was none. My beloved Prophet (PBUH) knocked her door when go inside saw the woman suffering from fever, beloved Prophet (PBUH) could took the revenge but he was the symbol of humbleness and austerity. He (PBUH) treated the woman so kindly that when she got healthy, she embraced Islam.

All this was done due to His endurance and patience.We are so selfish and fast acting in life that we neglect our own dependants, we see the one sided profile of things and gave our decisions which are not justified according to the just rules. We shouldn’t see the things in order scenario the hazards of aggressiveness are ineffable; if we create patience and endurance in our own and see the things with rational attitude then we may get progress in our life and enjoy happy life and tranquility along with giving the happiness to others.

By hina nisar (288/10)


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