Sensitive skin care

Normally ladies are very responsive about their skin and their skin care. They want their skin fresh, healthy and always glowing and for this purpose they can do anything. They can do any effort to achieve radiant skin. But a number of women’s don’t have proper knowledge about their skin and because of this they can use wrong products and may damage their skin. So if you want to know your skin type then you should check your skin. If you have easily reproduced or hasty skin then you should understand that your skin is sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin as we know is too much susceptible. It becomes red due to shaving, waxing, medications or heat. Cold, wind and pollution can also affect the skin and turn out to be red and swollen. Chemicals peels, laser treatment and scar removal can also altered skin. Unexpected appearance of redness, swelling and pimples shows it allergic too. Sometimes change of the climate can effects this skin because the heat can red your skin and the cold and windy weather can make dry your skin.

Sensitive skin care can be a little bit tough but if we want radiant or glowing skin then we have to follow instructions about care of sensitive skin. First of all we should avoid perfumed or scented creams and lotions. Secondly, we should rinse well after using of cleansing products because these cleansing products can dry our skin. If they are not mild and not soap-free then these products can remove so much oil from our skin then we should careful about this.

Always use moisturizer and sunscreen products which specially created for sensitive skin. Another important thing that shouldn’t wash the face so much and the temperature of water can also be significant. The water shouldn’t hot or cold too. Shouldn’t careless when the weather turns too much cold because the cold or windy weather can make our sensitive skin very dry so in this type of season can harm our skin. One more vital thing that a stress can also effect our sensitive skin, yes you may amazed by this saying yet its true. So from now we can nourish our sensitive skin and can achieve the shimmering and fresh look full of life skin which can impress any one easily.

By Rehana khan(111/10)


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