Several squabbles against birth control.

Economically speaking the arguments for birth control is decisive. In bygone ages, and to a certain extent even today in countries such as present day India, Pakistan, China and Africa, there were certain (checks) which kept down the increase in population, such as famine, diseases, epidemics etc. with the progress of science, these checks became scarcer, doctors learn who to combat disease, to prevent the spread of epidemics.

Concerted action is taken from the central government to control the ravages of famine. So the population freed from these checks is apt to increase too rapidly, and then the result is a population problem such as that of present day. Italy and Japan which are so insistent that the result in both cases is an imperialist effect (war of expansion). If the alternative to birth control is the wholesale slaughter of men as mere “cannon fodder”, there must be few people who would chose the latter alternative. In these days of economic stress and unemployment, it is also only sane to advocate birth control rather then burden a young family with a number of children for whom they are unable to provide. There is proverb that “every mouth brings with it a pair of hands”, but it must be remembered that although in the long run this may come true, it must be many weary years of hardship before a young baby can be expected to add to the family budget.

It must be admitted that there are many people with a religious objections to birth control, who say that it is not morally right to prevent the coming of young life. If and when both husband and wife hold this view, and when they find that self control is a possibility for both, then it is only right that their feedings in the matter should be respected. But people who think like this should not imagine that it is at all possible for most young people to observe this strict rule and there are also many cases where one partner is willing to observe it and the other cannot.

There are certain great souls who may maintain these ideas. But the majority of healthy, happy normal human beings will fin that physically, mentally and nervously they are bound to suffer under a life of unnatural restrain. In that case the husband must decide which is the greater sin (if he looks upon it that way)…to prevent scientifically the further conception of children or to see his young wife and a large family of children suffering from continued ill health.

By Rehana khan(111/10)


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