Sheep Farming

Sheep farming is a quite reasonable business. While having agricultural lands and plenty of livestock resources a successful start can be taken. Sheep raising is relatively easy to start as compared to other types of livestock. As we find that sheep have much strength in their body to resist the diseases and known as hardy animals as well as they do not require any special feed or diet. They are also known as multi purpose animals because they are raised for a plenty of reasons, such as for meat, milk or wool.

To take a start it needs to acquire the livestock department license or valid registration. The availability of funds will be according to the size and capacity of farm. The local market rates of meat and milk will give average rates of sheep to purchase. While regardless of whether they are going to be used for multipurposes, this business requires sufficient area of land for them to graze or move comfortably with each other. The next requirement will be of resources of food, vaccination, veterinary care, food supplements

and shelter.

The workability of the profit will be directly in measurement of the initial cost of capital, manpower involved and stuff required for this business. The average profitability comprises by putting maximum endeavor to get back the investment and adding into the basic capital as positive returns.

The selection of breed will be the most significant job for this business because some sheep are specifically bred for their wool, some for meat and a few for meat, milk and wool. Now before bringing the sheep into your specific area, the adequate shelter arrangements need to be available from the very first day. A strong fence around will be protecting them from outer interruptions. The installation of proper feeding equipments will enables to provide proper food from very first day. The management requires arranging trained staff for sheering, butchering or harvesting milk, in time.

 Keeping in view growing demands of milk and meat, sheep farming is still a better option to work upon. A consultation of proper experts will provide an active growth in this business.     

By Umar Saleh(315/10)


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