Skin care

Skin care is taken as the compilation of actions for maintaining the surface and texture of the body to make it looking attractive, good-looking and free of body odor. Skin care is very essential during winter season because skin loses its oil in dryness and becomes little coarse. At this time usually cold creams are used to overcome the consequences of cold visible in the form of dryness and wrinkles.

When the summer season arrives, the exposure to heat and sun effects the skin and this effect again results in darkening of skin, its color and texture. Different atmospheric conditions are prevalent in various countries so the majority of people are use to of applying the available creams in general, this stuff do not provide a healthy effect on skin. A most cheap and easy idea workable to keep skin fresh is drinking of water more then normal and eating of  fresh citrus ,it will provide to replace the dead cells with new ones. An interesting study about skin care has shown that the skin problems are mainly concerned with imbalance diets.

A proper balanced diet can build a shield against so many diseases and keeps a healthy state possible. A healthy skin is the outcome of balanced diet. Eating of fried foods containing a lot of oil contents and cholesterol may bring a harm to general as well as skin health. Fresh vegetables and salads are chosen as the best cure of skin health. Apart from our skin texture or beauty is concerned it is quite adequate to guard our skin from various diseases by adopting the simple instructions for example, severe dandruff, allergic dermatitis and various infections. So it is advisable to adopt certain habits and diet control charts in a daily routine life to prevent our skin from different diseases at all.


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