Health is wealth is a common proverb which means that if you have health, you have everything. A person can buy every thing in this world except health. So one must take good care of his health and should avoid all those things which are harmful for the health. For example cigarettes, it is causing a large number of health problems these days. Smoking has become a fashion now. People feel relaxed and easy by having cigarettes. A huge number of people of our society are addicted to smoking.

Beside this that they are well aware of its harmful effects they don’t bother in addicting to it. Smoking causes injuries to health in the way that it causes lungs cancer, emphysema, mucous cough, oral cancer and throat cancer. It also decreases our stamina of doing any strenuous job. All these diseases are irreparable and cannot be reversed. Cigarettes contain nicotine and tobacco mainly in it. This is highly contagious for the health of a normal person. Smoking mainly affects the lungs due to which the alpha anti tripsin , which is a protein in our lungs essential for binding oxygen during respiration starts deteriorating. It leads to the condition usually known as emphysema and asthma.

A smoker has fifteen times greater chances of death as compared to the non smokers. In other words we can say that smoking is a slow death which kills a person by damaging his internal organs step by step. There are many ways to avoid this poison and go back towards normal life. Similarly by doing exercise one start feeling not only healthy but his stamina also increases. Take a lot of walk. Eat healthy things. Try to be busy all the time because a large number of people get influenced towards smoking due to having some mental disturbances or anxiety. As smoking is not a healthy practice there fore it should be eradicated from our environment.               

By Umar Saleh


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