Some beautiful cities in the world

Definition of a city can be difficult, but Hugh Newell Jacobson, a way to do this have done, but describes the beauty of the city and indeed the most beautiful city in the world above, a task that can be described as Herculean. Beauty, as they say in old age is a cliché, in the eyes of the beholder, and therefore, this list is completely subjective.

Top most beautiful cities in the world


Steeped in history, art and culture, Barcelona is a port city and second largest city in Spain, which is also home to one of the biggest names in football, FC Barcelona. The city is a world leader, where the design industry and culinary experiments are concerned. Is the love for design is also in the amazing structures that dot the city evident. Behinderungen in the world, thanks to the improvements was to do in preparation for the 1992 Olympic Games.

Buenos Aires

Capital and largest city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is known for its cultural vitality and cosmopolitan people. Portenos port or people like the citizens of Buenos Aires are known, their cultural life, food, fashion and share a deep-rooted love for their traditions. This city, which is billed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, was established in 1536th Home to one of the best opera houses in the world, the Teatro Colon, La Boca pressed tin houses, and passionate about dance, tango, Buenos Aires is a city that is definitely worth a visit.


beautiful beaches and the famous Table Mountain, which offers a panoramic view over the city at an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level, the city is an amazing potpourri of natural beauty, brilliant architecture, built with buildings in Cape Dutch style and a rich heritage . Town is the legislative capital of South Africa and economically live with a mixture of people of different races. In the recent past has exceeded Cape Town identified a number of top lists of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Chi-Town, Chi-City, Windy City, Second City, City of big Shoulders, it is amazing the number of epithets City has been awarded. Some people can manage the taking of this city in the list of the most beautiful cities in the world challenge, but it is cultural dynamics of this city, to capture the hearts of every visitor. Only a few feathers in his cap is the fact that we owe the appearance of the skyscraper, Deep Dish Pizza and American first African American president in the city of Chicago.


Renaissance architecture, the art capital of Italy and World Heritage Site, is generally regarded as Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance last preserved. Tourism is the largest industry in Florence, with thousands of tourists visits it in a single month. Historically, Florence is the first Italian fashion house. The most famous fashion houses, which are now based in Milan, were found in Florence. Cathedral in the city is an architectural masterpiece that one is spoiled for choice.

Hong Kong

Four of the highest buildings in the world – we have more to say about the architectural performance, Hong Kong. And all these beautiful buildings are against a mountain backdrop. This city is a special region of China is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This city is a perfect example of “East meets west,” a mixture of traditional Chinese heritage with the values?? That he treated during the British regime. Hong Kong is home to many famous artists of the martial art Bruce Lee Jackie Chan and renowned directors such as Wong Kar-wai.


Cultural and financial capital and largest city of Turkey, Istanbul is a city of energy that many restaurants and coffee houses on the roof, which derives always filled with people shot. Bazaars are always busy commuter ferries are always people sailing. Architecture complements the beauty of the city, with beautiful domes, minarets, mosques and the most brilliant collection of frescoes from the Byzantine period.


Sweeney Todd sang the famous “There’s no place like London.” Although he can bad things about the city not cease to bubble on this mega-city that is nearly two millennia have been founded before the Romans say. Art films, entertainment, music, culture, literature, even – and London is the name of his presence in the field commands. From the view that the London Eye offers spectacular, almost mannequin like Buckingham Palace guards and Big Ben, London travel attractions provide enough space for everyone and every election.

New York City

New York, I Love You, a film recently, a tribute to the city where the U.S. Big Apple financial capital in the atmosphere and the sights captured shall be released, but the film did not meet, the city that is safe to do it early the most beautiful cities in the world. Tom Wolfe had a famous saying, “Culture just seems in the air as part of the time.” Nothing seems particularly in New York City that has the focus of several movements, including the Harlem Renaissance, jazz dance, hip-hop and abstract expressionism. Of course that it is the home of Broadway, Ellis Iceland, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Central Park is just playing a nice supporting role.


The most romantic city in the world, home to the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame de Paris, the spectacular settings in many films were remain of Paris’ City of Dreams “for most of today’s tourists. After the worldwide market, leader in most cultural and artistic interests, including movies, fashion, philosophy and gourmet food, today the city of Paris is a struggle to preserve the cultural heritage. But that does not change the fact that this city remains one of the most beautiful cities in the world and continues to inspire writers and poets alike.

Rio de Janeiro

Carnival, Samba and a beautiful natural beach – Rio de Janeiro, which literally means River January is a party all year. It is also home Corocvado & Sugar Loaf and Christ Statue, which is the largest volume of world art deco statue considered. Today, Brazil’s primary tourist attraction and is also host Olympic Games 2016. The city has a vibrant nightlife and an attractive destination for some of the celebrities in the world.

 By Taha Mateen


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