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Sertraline Brings Certain Side Effects

Sertaline, an antidepressant is used for treating severe mental disorders including depression. Like all other drugs of its groups, Sertaline causes certain side effects. These effects create a problem when the ratio of these side effects increases as compared to the benefits one can get using the drug. One and the biggest side effect, almost reported by every Sertaline user is nausea. Patients using Sertaline may often complain a prevailing nausea; this is very common and often accompanied by a strong dizziness.

Many patients using Sertaline also face a problem of low appetite followed by rapid weight loss. Associated with the diet and balance, patients also suffer other issues like stomach upset, diarrhea and an increased sweating. So, as a result the patient feels weakness and often finds him quite unable to get involved in healthy physical activities.

Sertaline also affects a person’s sexual approach and attitude. Users of the drug may show a disinterested sexual attitude or may suffer with late ejaculation. The intensity of this unwillingness varies from person to person.

Muscle Cramps is another negative effect of Sertaline that make patients to feel an unusual fatigue and weakness. This weakness and fatigue make a person look tired and bit lazy as well. Many patients also undergo a tremor accompanying grip issues. The effect of shaking deprives a person to involve even in common day-to-day chores.

One among other major side effects of Sertaline is passing black or bloody stool. In this condition, patient may also suffer with unusual constipation and other digestion issues. Those who face bloody stools also complain excessive vomits.

Some Severe Side Effects

A rare but very severe side effect of Sertaline is Serotonin Syndrome. In this syndrome, patient exhibits frequent mental disorder symptoms. These symptoms include hallucination, a lack of coordination, unusual restlessness, sever vomiting, very fast heartbeat and ever accompanying dizziness. This is an alarming condition and the continuity of the drug should be decided by consulting doctor.

Other rare yet severe side effects include long lasting erection in males and strong allergic reaction; more vulnerable parts to this reaction are tongue, face and throat. There are also some persons who do not face any of these side effects, anyhow the nature of these effects and developed severe conditions vary from person to person.

What is Procera AVH?

Procera AVH is a brain supplement which is specially made for the person who has weak memory, has focus problem and has mental fatigue. It does not have any side effects like other toxins do have. So, it can be used very confidently.

You can make your own judgment after reading the facts below stated in review.

Why Procera AVH is Special?

Procera AVH is non prescription brain power supplement which is made of natural ingredients. It is reliable unlike other brain supplements found in the market. Procera AVH has a lot of research and scientific testing to its back up.

It’s developed by Josh Reynolds, a clinical research scientist and bestselling author and Robert Heller MD. Reynolds studied over 1.4 million human brains, and researched 1000’s of natural ingredients. The pair has worked with top neuroscientists, neurosurgeons, neurologists and cognitive psychologists from prestigious research universities and medical schools.

How Does Procera AVH Work?

The real problem with the brain starts with the aging. You get aged; you brain starts losing its capability. A human brain is made of neurotransmitters which are responsible of retaining things, controlling moods and finding specific reactions to stimuli. When brain loses the capability of performing its function; in other words neurotransmitters get start degenerating.

Procera AVH increases the blood flow to the brain which in turn supplies greater amount of oxygen to it and thus working for the improved functions of neurotransmitters.

What is the Evidence Behind Procera AVH?

Procera AVH has been tested in Science Laboratories in Australia for leading and clinical site. In the laboratory both products were tested; the natural and the pharmaceutical to know which one bring the best results.

It was clinically shown that Procera AVH helps to show the best results of all cognitive problems. No other brain supplement did have such evidence. Even the product was scrutinized for its efficacy and it was found that it did not bring any serious side effect.

What Does Public Say About it?

The customers are very happy after using it and all good is reported. They do not find any side effect which they suffered with. They liked the following things about the product:

  • It’s almost like being reborn again!
  • Procera has really boosted my mental focus and memory and my ability to multi-task…
  • It has also helped me remember important information better…
  • It’s making a huge difference in my ability to be sharp and focused…
  • Procera AVH gave me back the focus, clarity and energy that I needed…

Refund Policy:

You can use the product quite confidently as it comes with 90 days 100% money back guarantee. The only thing you need to pay is shipping and handling which is minimal.


Till now I did not come across any of the complaints yet one person who reported that he had mild stomach upset after its use. Later on he confessed that it was because he took it with empty stomach.

How to Buy Procera AVH?

This is very simple to purchase. You can place an order for Procera AVH on the official website and the product will be sent away to your home.

By: Ammarah Khan


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